Fall Fashion

Fall is our favorite season and largely because it isn’t too cold, but yet it is a nice break from the summer heat.  We love the fall colors and mild weather and of course we love the chance to mix up our wardrobe and wear turtlenecks and long sleeves and boots.  Fall fashion is another great reason to love fall and this season is no exception.  Here are a few of our favorite fashion trends and pieces for this fall season.

Great colors- This season you’ll be sure to see a lot of earth tones and variations or combinations of colors.  Again this season you’ll see a lot of purple.  One big carryover from last season is the smoky purple color with hints of gray.  We have a few pieces in this color from the Velvet by Graham and Spencer line with names for the colors like Smoke, Chimney, Soot, Stardust.  These colors are always super popular and pair well with blacks and grays and are sure to work their way into your wardrobe in some form.  Another great color that is relatively new to the scene this fall season is green.  You’ll see lots of olive green and shades that are just a touch lighter than a hunter green with more blue tones.  It is a great color and pairs well with browns and blacks.

Leggings – You may have held back on plunging into leggings because you weren’t sure if they had much staying power, but leggings are all the rage this fall.  We recommend having a few in staple colors for sure and then mixing in your favorite complement colors as your wardrobe and budget dictate.  We love the Swoosie legging by Velvet and have them in Black and Elm Grey which are great contrasting colors for purples, blues, greens reds, and even black.  Leggings will fit right in with many of the tunic length tops or with dresses this season.

Turtlenecks – An everyday staple for Fall and Winter fashion we love the turtleneck and for fall we love the look of the elbow length sleeve turtleneck.  A great example is the Velvet Coley turtleneck available in a variety of earth tones including a bold lemongrass color that is so in this season.  We also love the AlixK Cappy turtleneck which features a gathered turtleneck which stays put perfectly so you don’t have to constantly be fussing with it.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the great embroidery detail which gives this short sleeve turtleneck great contrast and additional texture.

These are just a few of our favorite trends this season for fall fashion.  Fashion trends this season are so wearable and really versatile as many of them can carry into winter and even spring.  At Vintage Fringe we always try to mix in a bit of these latest trends with some of the old to give you a classic, timeless yet modern look.  Not to mention that just adding a few pieces into your wardrobe this season will be a great way to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the budget.

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