Summer Dress Trend: Designer Charlie Jade

Designer Charlie Jade is one of our newest designers available at Vintage Fringe.  We have fallen in love their stylish dresses which are the perfect summer statement dress.  What’s not to love about their bold colors and patterns combined with feminine styles and fabrics.  Charlie Jade’s penchant for silk fabric blends and stunning patterns and styles are displayed in a variety of ways in their dress collection.  Best of all this collection is the perfect solution for that perpetual search for a great dress to wear to a summer wedding.

April Pleated V Neck Dress by Charlie Jade

April Pleated V Neck Dress

Charlie Jade’s collection exhibits a lot depth and variety all with feminine touches and style.  The April Pleated V Neck Dress is a great example of the stunning Charlie Jade designer dress style.  This dress harkens back to yesterday with a classic retro dress style with the pleats around the neckline and the belted waist.  The modern pattern features a spin on the traditional animal print with spots that are varied in size and color giving it a modern, stylish look.  The dress features utilizes an ivory backdrop accented by baby blue e black spots of color.  This dress looks professional and sophisticated and is perfect for the office or a night out.

Another great example of the range of Charlie Jade dresses is the Diana Ditzy Print Maxi Dress.  This dress features a more complicated pattern with mixes of orange, red, baby blue and white.  The dress features an empire waistline and shoulder straps which then flares all the way down the long maxi length.  The back of the dress features racer back detail giving the dress added distinction.  This is a great maxi dress option this summer.  As with pretty much all of Charlie Jade’s fabrics, this dress is 100% silk.

Finally, the Janie Scoopneck Dress by Charlie Jade gives you another example of Charlie Jade’s distinctive design.  The dress is more than your simple summer sundress, as it features a braided fabric trim around the straps and neckline.  In addition, the dress features layered panels in front that give it an added pop of style and a feminine touch.  The colors are a baby blue and an eggplant purple which pair beautifully together.  The pattern features abstract lines of striping giving it a modern edge.

If you are in the market for a statement piece summer dress, then be sure to consider Charlie Jade dresses for their excellent style and patterns as well as their beautiful use of silk fabrics.  Each dress truly represents a statement piece that will add more distinction to your individual wardrobe.  Best of all, none of these dresses is so trendy that it will be out of season by the end of the summer.  Each dress provides a timeless style that is sure to last for multiple seasons making these dresses a great fashion investment.

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Maxi Belted Dress

Maxi dresses are all the rage this season and even though it may seem like you are searching between seas of similar dresses, you can find a number of great distinctive elements in maxi dresses as well. Not to mention there are a number of great ways to accessorize maxi dresses. As an example, you can find dresses that come belted or you can find maxi dresses that work with belts. Either way, there are several great maxi dress options that work with belts this summer.

First consider what we think is truly the perfect casual long maxi dress, the Sammi dress features a button-up neckline and a tie around the waist to make this a t shirt style long maxi dress. This dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a light cotton fabric which makes it perfect for hot summer weather. The belted tie around the natural waist in a contrasting brown fabric is a great way to break up an otherwise long straight maxi dress. This dress also features short sleeves and a high slit on one side to give it an added flirty twist and to make it easier to move around in a straight long dress. I also love that this maxi dress doesn’t have to totally cover up your legs like a lot of maxi dresses do. This Sammi dress comes in a gorgeous Jasper blue green color.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more elegant look for a maxi dress that you can accessorize yourself consider the Rhetta Maxi Dress also by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer. This jersey cotton maxi dress features a low cut back which gives this long maxi dress a dressier even sexy evening look. This dress is also versatile enough to be dressed up or down for casual or dressy occasions all with the right accessories. This long maxi dress features elbow length sleeves and a classically elegant fit that silhouettes the feminine curves. We love to belt this dress as shown on our model with an elegant rose belt in grey for added contrast. This dress is available in both black and malachite a gorgeous teal blue color. This dress is a must have for your summer wardrobe. Of course you can accessorize this dress with any belt options or

As you can see each of these examples can be a clean slate for you to accessorize with whatever belts you prefer or can be worn as is. In addition, accessorizing with belts is simply one way to accessorize each of these dresses. You can dress them up with shoes, necklaces, earrings, etc. Best of all, both of these dresses are cotton so they are lightweight enough to be very comfortable during warm weather and are also machine washable.

Whatever maxi dress suits your personal style, you will want to have at least one or two great maxi dresses in your closet as go to dresses for dressy summer occasions and even just for casual summer days as well.

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Mid-calf Length Dresses

When shopping for dresses it frequently seems like finding mid-calf length dresses or dresses that hit below the knee is like finding a needle in a haystack.  With the resurgence of maxi dresses this season finding much longer dresses is much more accessible, but if you are looking for something that is in between the ultra long length and the short dresses about the knee consider a few of these great mid-calf dress possibilities.

The Malina V Neck Tie Dress is a great mid-calf length dress that is so versatile.  It is part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection so made of super soft jersey cotton which allows you the flexibility of wearing it to casual functions as well as dressing it up with accessories for dressier occasions.  Personally, I love the tie at the base of the v neckline for added detail.  The dress also features an empire waist giving it added detail. It is a basic black which never hurts and has long sleeves and of course it is a mid-calf length.  Designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is known for their great use of cottons, but they also feature a slinky rayon collection which is a rayon blend for a dressier look.

Velvet’s Chapel dress features a Spanish tile pattern currently available in black or red with a v neckline.  This dress is fitted and the fabric is a rayon and lycra blend which gives it just the right amount of cling.  The pattern is really a standout and looks extremely classy on.  Of course most importantly, this dress also features a longer length with the mid-calf length which we greatly appreciate.

The sister version of this dress is the Anais V Neck dress again by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress is a similar style, but it is a solid color and is available in eggplant a deep purple color with a hint of blue.  Again this dress is fitted and features a rayon lycra blend giving it cling.

As you can see, each of these dresses gives you a distinctive look and is a great mid-calf length option for your wardrobe.  Another alternative to a mid-calf length dress is a longer or mid-calf skirt.  The mid-calf length skirts are very popular this season.  We love the Lija skirt as a great flared skirt that hits past the knee.   Another way to add length to a dress look is to wear leggings underneath.

There really are a variety of possibilities and options for mid-calf length dresses and when you mix in the option of longer length skirts or combined with leggings finding possible dress options is much more accessible.  Of course it is also easy to find maxi dresses which are the ultimate in long length if it is simply the long length you are after.  In either case, these dresses are great additions to any wardrobe and are versatile pieces that will last you for many more seasons to come.

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Hot Spring Clothes

Spring is right around the corner and finding hot spring clothes is a must for every fashionista.  Spring fashions are already making a debut in stores now and when you are shopping for spring fashion you will want to make sure you are on the lookout for a few key pieces that you will want to either dust off or add into your spring wardrobe.

Maxi Dresses – the trend continues this spring with a variety of different styles of maxi dresses.  You will see the strapless, halter top, racerback or standard necklines in those ankle length maxi dresses.  This style trend can also be fashionable in patterns or in solids.  Floral patterns are always great for spring and this season you will find lots of bright colors and even retro patterns like tie dyes.  Of course for spring you will also want to have a few cropped cardigans or wraps to go with those maxi dresses with the cooler temperatures.  We love the look of rugged cargo jackets and maxi dresses.

Leggings – Another must have for spring weather are cropped leggings.  Leggings are the must have for shorter dresses or the longer tunic length tops.  We find so many tunic length tops that are popular for spring work perfectly with leggings.  We’ve discussed how to shop for leggings and the pros and cons of different lengths and what colors you should start with when investing in leggings, but in short we suggest that you invest in basic colors like black, grey and browns and then branch out into splurge colors depending on what suits your wardrobe.

Tank Tops and Cardigans – If you are like us by the time spring rolls around we are so tired of long sleeves and turtlenecks that we are dying to get back into wearing some of our favorite tanks.  Of course most spring weather isn’t warm enough to wear tanks by themselves, but we like to wear our tanks with cardigans.  You’ll see lots of scarves and great neckline accessories to complement the different necklines.  Spring fashion trends include mixed lengths and tanks and cardigans are a great way to play off of the different hemlines.  As an example, we love Velvet’s long Kelisha Tank and love wearing that with the cropped Sartee drape cardigan.  This look for us creates a modern feminine look that we love to see this spring.

Skirts – These are classic pieces for spring, summer and fall and this spring we love the simple, yet elegant pencil skirt.  I have a friend who I always admired her fashion style and she would always wear these stretchy pencil skirts that she would wear just about anywhere with practically any top and shoes.  It always looked so comfortable and so fashionable and feminine.  Finding that perfect stretchy pencil skirt is a great addition to any spring wardrobe.  We love the Sintia pencil skirt by Velvet because it has just enough stretch and cling.

Of course these are just a few of our highlights for spring fashion this season.   You will want to incorporate any and all of these great trends in your spring wardrobe as they suit your own style.  If you’re trying to save a little money we suggest picking your favorite of these spring fashion trends and then add others over time.  Don’t forget, that above all you will want to make sure that whatever spring fashion you wear you will want to make sure that you are true to your own individual style.

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Trend Alert: Long Dresses are Back!!!

Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, and Carrie Underwood looking sexy in thier summer dresses

Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, and Carrie Underwood looking sexy in their summer dresses

Maxi dresses and other long flowing dresses are going to be back in a big way for spring and summer this year, and we all should be glad they are.  Maxi dresses are comfortable and flattering, allowing you to look sexy and feminine without sucking it in or living in fear afraid of accidentally showing  your underwear.  While the perfect summer dress should be long (I recommend that the maxi dress should hit just at or a smidge below your ankle) and flowing it is also important to pick a dress that looks casual enough that you don’t look like you are prepping for prom in the middle of the afternoon.  Below are some of my favorite long dresses.

Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress by Ella Moss

Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress by Ella Moss

This adorable maxi dress designed by Ella Moss encompasses everything I love about this trend.  The Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress is made of ultra soft and ultra comfortable supima cotton.  I also love the detail around the neck. This dress with a perfectly designed empire waist manages to be flattering as well as flowing which will be the perfect look this spring and summer.

If you are looking for a little more color I  love the Odessa V Neck Maxi Dress also designed by Ella Moss.

Ella Moss Odessa V-Neck Maxi Dress

Ella Moss Odessa V-Neck Maxi Dress

One reason I would steer readers looking for the perfect maxi dress towards Ella Moss is the great fabric choices for these dresses.   This super soft v-neck  dress is something I can see myself wearing everyday this summer.  I also love how the large v-neck allows for some adorable accessorizing.  This blue color is called waterfall and will surely make a pop in your wardrobe this summer.

To find other summer dresses or fashion trends you can always visit!!!

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