Tops with Studded Accents

Let’s be honest, when it comes to finding that perfect top it seems like a perpetual quest to find something distinctive for your closet.  One of the latest trends in tops and dresses include metallic accents that range from metallic threading such as metallic threaded belts or metallic stripes to actual metal studded accents.  The metallic details are a great way to include bold details into your wardrobe and these are always great statement pieces.  If you are looking for a bold look then tops with studded accents are a great way to go.  Studded accents have become more prevalent in the latest styles and fashions as bold accents.  Of course you can find studded accents in sparkles or even studded with metal grommets or a combination of a number of other elements on the piece.  While it may sound unconventional, you have most likely seen some of it on certain designer fashions and can be a creative and stylish way to add to the distinctiveness of the piece.

Consider Ella Moss, a well known designer, who incorporates studded grommets around the neckline and sleeves of its Sonia Ruffle Sleeve Studded Short Sleeve Top. This bold and modern style top features a series of accenting metal grommets around the sleeves and prominently in the back of the top.  A great style of top with a fitted waistband the style of the top on its own is worth considering, but with the added studded accents which makes it even more unique and turns an otherwise elegant but simple top into an amazing statement piece.

At Vintage Fringe we love the Keesha top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer which also features studded gold accents off the shoulder.  We love how the studded accent adorns the draped neckline of the Keesha top in Mineral a beautiful sea green color top.  This top features a looser fit around the waist and raw edges at the hem.  Part of Velvet’s Whisper collection, this top is lightweight cotton which is a comfortable casual fabric contrasted with the studded accents.  It truly is an elegant, sophisticated top and the studded accents really take this top to another level.

To utilize the studded trend, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have metal grommets, but instead it could be accented sequins or other sparkle to give it an added pop.  Zippers are another great trend that has made a strong showing recently.  As you can see the contrast of studded accents can transcend a variety of different types of accents which really does make it possible to take basic styles or elements to another level with a touch of contrast.   These statement pieces can have varying degrees of contrast catering to a variety of preferences and different ways to weave bold accents into classic styles.   The trend really is to add shine or sparkle to the top and obviously generating that statement piece look certainly doesn’t take a one size fits all form.

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