Fashion of 2010

Just because 2010 is now in the rear view mirror, doesn’t mean that many of the same fashion trends will carry on into 2011.  Today we want to focus on some of those continued trends because we know that sometimes you need to see that a trend has staying power and isn’t a fad in order to start to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Trend to stay number one is leggings.  As spring rolls around the corner, you will want to have a pair of cropped leggings in your closet.  Much like capris, this trend has staying power and will likely be around for many seasons to come.  We’ve done prior posts discussing just leggings and what basics to have in your closet, but we suggest having a good basic black long legging and a basic black cropped legging as a starting point.  Then we would suggest adding in the right complement colors depending on your wardrobe such as browns, blues and greys.  We can’t say enough about the long legging in the cooler weather as it is such a great piece to wear with boots.  The cropped legging is also the perfect accent for warmer weather and works really well with ballet flats and long tunic length tops.

The tunic length or loose fitting top is trend number two.  You will see this trend in many spring fashions this season.  You have a variety of options for such tops including the wide boatneck sweatshirt top that narrows at the waist, the long and fitted top which can range from a v neck to a cardigan and the belted or drawstring waist top as a few examples.  This spring, for example, you will see lots of patterned peasant blouses with ties at the waist that is a continuation of elements of the ruffled loose boatneck top of seasons past.

Another trend that will be around for seasons to come are the short mid-thigh dresses that have become so popular.  Whether you like to accessorize these dresses with leggings or wear them with high boots, this dress trend has staying power.  These great dresses come in a variety of styles and include a variety of elements including ruffles, zippers, empire waists and much more.  One of our favorites is the Burca dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer which features a black wide neckline with the body of the top that gradually narrows to the waist with a tighter fit. Complete with a chunky zipper in back for added detail, this dress is a total statement piece.  It has short sleeves so it really does work for several seasons.

In short, the dawning of a new decade doesn’t mean the end of a fashion era.  You will still see many fashion trends from 2010 continued in 2011. For many of you who may like to adopt a bit of a wait and see approach to shopping for trends, we hope that you will be able to get in on the trend before it is too late.

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