How To Make An Outfit

Putting outfits together can seem much more daunting than it really should be when you are scrambling to pair pieces together to make that perfect outfit.  To take the pressure off consider a few of these rules of thumb for tips on how to create a wonderful outfit.

Be wary of too much of the same color.  It is best to have outfits that pull good contrasting colors in so that it looks more natural.  As a rule of thumb, consider the color wheel and don’t pair too many strong colors together simultaneously.  You start out with your basic blacks and whites.  Black is the basic starting point for any wardrobe.  Black goes with just about everything although I do try and steer clear of pairing black with navy blue, yellow and orange.  Navy just shouldn’t go with black unless it is actually part of the pattern or print.  Otherwise, I would try and avoid a solid navy top and solid black pants.  As an example, the Boyfriend Buttonup Top by Splendid pairs navy and black together and it works really well.  Black and yellow just screams bumble bee and then black and orange just screams pumpkin or Halloween.  The next color I would weave in is a good navy blue outfit, brown, and a good grey outfit if grey is a color that suits your skintone.  These colors are a bit more neutral than black in terms of pairing with other colors and grey goes with just about any color if paired well and navy looks great with some pinks, greens, yellows, and some reds although you want to steer clear of too much navy and red unless it is the 4th of July.

These color options are just the starting point for how to start creating a great outfit, but you with this foundation you can then incorporate other colors.  Assuming you are dressing up for work, a business meeting or another event then you will want to keep in mind a few other rules of thumb as well.  I suggest adding in lighter colors for tops to add contrast to darker pants.  Some people like to wear solid black or all one color outfits, and I just think they get monotonous.  You will want to include pops of other color for accent and style to your outfit.  Stripes or patterns are a great way to break up solid colors and still keep in the same color family.   A good example of pairing pieces in similar colors would be wearing the Odora top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer with a grey pencil skirt like the Sintia Pencil skirt over a grey tank top with the Odora top in Botanica a lime green or in white to help lighten up the outfit.  Of course to complete the outfit you will want to include great accessories like a good belt, gorgeous earrings and a chunky necklace.

Creating an Outfit is really not that complicated if you start with a basic foundation and then work into incorporating other splurge colors or pieces to complement your foundational wardrobe.

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