Ruffled Shirt

One of this season’s best fashion trends are ruffles.  You’ll see ruffles on skirts, dresses, tank tops, and all varieties of tops.  Ruffles are a wonderful way to insert feminine touches to basic pieces.  They also have the ability to transform simple, basic tops into something more sophisticated and fashionable and are largely reasonably priced.

You can find ruffles in a variety of different styles.  There are the tiered ruffles , the accent ruffles around the sleeves, cuffs or collar, and centerpiece ruffles that are the focus of the top typically around the neckline.  We’ll present several examples of each of these styles and of course these are not the only ways you may see ruffles, rather they can be the most prevalent ways to see stylish ruffle shirts.

Tiered ruffles have become more and more available in tanks and tops.  Here the top features several layers of ruffles on top of each other in tiers.  Consider the 4 Tiered Ruffle Top by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  This tank in either Rain (Blue) or Cranapple (Fuscia) is a beautifully feminine piece.  The ruffles start at the top of the tank and cascade down to about midway down the tank.  This is actually the perfect length for the ruffles because it still has a fitted waist so it is figure friendly and doesn’t make you look frumpy with layer upon layer all the way down.  You may see a variety of tops with similar tiered ruffles that may even be asymmetrical or diagonally placed on the top or tank.  Pick whatever style works best for you and your body type, but this is a great way to wear ruffles.

Next are the accent ruffles.  You’ll see them adorning hems and collars and are a great way to incorporate ruffles into classy shirts and tops or even dresses.  The Mae Ruffle Neck Tank top features ruffles around the neckline along with a tie at the neck.  This tank features raw edges along the sleeves and hem of the top giving it a casual feel.  The ruffle around the neckline is a great way to showcase the perfect amount of feminine detail that accents your face and neckline.  This is a more subtle way to feature ruffles, but also a great way to wear ruffles to the office or under a blazer or just by itself with jeans on the weekends.

Centerpiece ruffles are really a great way to bring ruffles to the forefront of your top.  You may have already seen great ruffled shirts the feature ruffles around the bib area of the top or around the bustline.  Often the centerpiece ruffles are centered around the buttons on a button up top or a v neckline.  In either case, I love wearing a tank underneath in a complementary color to add a bit more of a pop or focus on the ruffles.  My favorite example of this is the Zooey Ruffle Bib Top.  The perfect balance of ruffles and added details with buttons and ¾ length sleeves.

As you can see there are so many options and alternatives for ruffled shirts.  You really can’t go wrong with any of these styles and in fact you may want to have at least one of each for the different options each style has.

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