How to Wear Scarves

With the resurgence of scarves as a fashion trend that is here to stay for a while means that we all need to know how to wear them.  Of course we all know that you can wear them just loose around your neck and open in front, you can wear them looped around the neck, and you can wear them with a loose knot in front and truly that is just a few of the possible options of how to wear them.   In addition, we will also discuss some of the dos and don’ts with wearing scarves.

Personally my favorite style to wear a scarf is a loose loop around the neck.  With a long scarf you fold the scarf in half.  Holding the scarf at both ends, then you pull the loose ends through the folded end to give you a comfortable, loose loop around the neck.  This style gives you the elegant long scarf look and still keeps the scarf in place.  I prefer this because it keeps everything in place rather than having to constantly readjust it all day.  Of course, you have to wear it the way that suits your preferences, but you really do have a variety of options and it is hard to go wrong.  Unlike the scarf trend in the 80s, you will want long scarves rather than the then popular short scarf.  Also, you won’t need a book to teach you different folds to wear or style your scarf.  The stylish look this time around is long and loose which trust me is a blessing.

As for dos and don’ts, you will want to follow a few simple guidelines in shopping for and looking for good scarf attire.  First, you will want to find whatever style of scarf suits your fancy.  Perhaps it is a striped pattern, a frilly style or even a simple solid color.  Whatever your preference, you really can’t go wrong.  Again, keep in mind that the goal is length.  You want to find a scarf that is long enough to wrap and then consider your own closet to decide what color or style would work best for you.  We recommend starting with a couple of good basic colors.  Normally we suggest basic blacks as the best starting point, but in this case since you are working with an accessory you will want to add in a complement or accent color.  Pastels are in this season.  We even love the white scarf although it does make it more challenging to keep clean.

As for what to wear them with, our rule of thumb is think of the basic rules of wearing a necklace.  This means you probably wouldn’t wear it over a turtleneck and you probably would wear it with a scoop neck, v neck, button-up top or crew neckline.   Bottom line, this scarf trend is something you wear practically year round and clearly not just with a winter coat.  Many of the don’ts are basic common sense.  You don’t wear a striped scarf with a striped shirt.  We don’t think a scarf really fits with hoodies and again you just need to consider the necklace rule and if there is already a lot going on around your neckline, then you will want to avoid adding to it.   Lastly one question we often hear is do you wear a scarf in the summer?  Our advice is generally no, but that is not to say that some people have incorporated that into their own style and like it and it works, but as a general rule we would say wear your scarves in spring, summer, and winter, but let your scarf take a break in summer.

Let us know what you think?  Are scarves an ok trend for summer?

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