Sequin Shoulder Pattern Top

Sequin patterns on tops are a great way to really take a simple piece and elevate it to something even dressier or more sophisticated.  This season if you look around at any fashion magazine or at what is people are wearing you can’t miss noticing a great fashion trend – sequins.  Sequins patterns are making a comeback as an accent to lots of dresses, tops, skirts, pants and even handbags and other accessories.   Sequins used to be found only on costumes or special occasion dresses, but not anymore.  They are popping up literally everywhere in fashion these days and It is hard not to love wearing sequins on everything from basic tees to dresses.

As an example, the Scoop Neck Sequin Top by designer Collective Concepts is a top that features a sequin shoulder pattern.  This sequin shoulder pattern top utilizes contrasting sequin colors to adorn this Olive Green cotton scoop neck top.  Here the sequin design is limited only to the shoulders and with a beautiful distinctive pattern which gives this basic scoop neck top additional flair.  The shoulder sequin pattern detail is just enough to transform this top into a true statement piece for your closet. Certainly this sequin top can be worn casually with just about anything, but the sequins really do dress up this top and give it a welcome bit of extra attention and of course sparkle.

Sequin shoulder pattern tops may not be the go to top for every single day, but as you can see they are the perfect way to insert variety and of course feminine sparkle into your closet.  For sequin shoulder pattern tops, you will find patterns with a variety of large or smaller sequins or even a combination of sizes and of course sequins in a variety of colors.  You may find the patterns adorning the neckline or even worn on the shoulder almost as epaulets.  Sequin patterns can come in the shape of swirls or even shapes or a number of other pattern designs.  Of course tops can also be varied in terms of styles and necklines really making sequin shoulder pattern tops the perfect way to create a truly distinctive top. Sequin patterns really can take any shape or pattern and can be found on any style of top ranging from the basic crew neck tee to v necks tops, empire waist tops or pretty much any other style of top.

Ultimately, no matter how you decide to insert some added sparkle into your wardrobe you can wear it confidently knowing that sequin patterns are certainly not a flash trend that will be gone as quickly as tomorrow and that sequin patterns will certainly be a stylish way to add more feminine touches to your wardrobe.  If nothing else a little bit of sequins can help turn a basic top into a statement piece for your closet for years to come which let’s face it in this kind of economy finding pieces that will last beyond one season is a wonderful perk.

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