Fashion Trend: Victorian Style Embellishments (V Neck Tie Waist Tunic)

At Vintage Fringe, we love details and embellishments on clothing.  It gives meaning to the Fringe part of our name.  In fact, we believe that details are really what can make or break a piece and help set it apart to really put it in a class of its own as a statement piece.  Finding a piece with those little added details are the things that our buyers at Vintage Fringe hunt for.

In an effort to bring this passion for details to the modern trends, consider one of the latest fashion trends including Victorian Style embellishments.  As you know, vintage style pieces or even vintage style elements have made a resurgence in modern styles. Victorian style embellishments are one such vintage style making a comeback as part of the latest fashion trends.  As a few examples of different ways that Victorian style embellishments are well played in some of the latest fashions.

First take a look at the V Neck Tie Waist Tunic by designer Collective Concepts.   The perfect blend of old and new with the tunic style length and the tie at the waist combined with the embellishments around the neckline.  The embellishments are in ivory a great contrast color for the light grey tunic.  Of course the rayon fabric feels just as luxurious on as it looks with the embellishments.  This piece is a great top to wear over leggings or jeans or even that perfect skirt in the warmer weather.

You don’t have to look very far with designer AlixK’s collection to find pieces that are loaded with elegant Victorian style embellishments.  Just about every piece that we feature at Vintage Fringe includes hand sewn embroidery in beautiful patterns and in frequently in great contrasting colors.   Take a look at the Discharge Long Sleeve Turtleneck with a regal Victorian style pattern for the embroidery around the neckline.  We love the ruching around the turtleneck too giving it an added feminine detail. Alternatively the Boudoir top features a sophisticated embroidery detail on the back of the v neck top.  We love the contrasting colors of grey on black or berry red on a brown clay color fabric.  We would be remiss if we didn’t mention AlixK’s fabulous fabric.  It is a silk cotton blend which gives it an amazing softness while it is also easy to wear and machine washable.  It is truly a perfect fabric for everyday.

As you can see, these are just a few great pieces that illustrate modern ways that Victorian Style Embellishments have made their way into current fashions.   Of course this is only one of many similar fashion trends that have made their way into modern fashions and certainly only a couple of examples of how Victorian elements can be successfully used to bridge the old with the new.  Best of all, this trend really can be on casual pieces and dressier pieces.  This versatility is a great asset to help maximize the different ways you can wear this fashion trend.

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