Bohemian Chic Skirt

Summer skirts have really become an essential summer must have.  I love wearing them instead of capris or shorts in warm weather and because of this I love finding skirts that are versatile.  Finding a skirt that can be worn during the day and evening outings feels like such an accomplishment as inevitably I always find dressy skirts that are too dressy to be worn casually during the day or vice versa I find a casual skirt that can be worn casually, but not dressed up.  I always love finding skirts in different styles and you really do want to have a few great skirt options in your closet this summer.

The perfect bohemian chic skirt can be the perfect blend of stylish, versatile and comfortable and really should be a summer wardrobe essential. Bohemian chic skirts can come in a variety of styles and with a variety of designs and fabrics. Here are just a few of our favorite bohemian style skirts and all of them are from one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Velvet is known for their great use of cottons and other great fabrics while also blending contemporary and casual styles creating great feminine wearable pieces.  Of course their designs are also high quality and are made in the USA an added bonus.

First the Lija Skirt.  This skirt is truly a perfect blend of a classic style with contemporary details like the raw edge and the high waist.  The skirt flares too which makes it feel girly and feminine on while also making it very comfortable.  This is a great go to skirt that can be worn out running errands on a weekend or with the right top and accessories dressed up and worn to a dressy occasion too.  Available in basic black, this skirt is a must have summer essential.

Next the Fanya Skirt.  Another flared skirt, but this with a diagonal stripe pattern and an asymmetric hem and a diagonal line across the waist for accent.  This skirt is a cotton tencel blend so it is the ultimate soft, comfortable fabric and easy to wear again for casual and dressy occasions depending on what you wear it with and how you accessorize it. I love the raw edges again at the hem and the stripe pattern that really does make this a distinctive skirt.

Finally, the Sintia Pencil Skirt is really a classic style skirt that is part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection featuring a light weight gauzy cotton fabric.  This skirt features cotton lining so it is not sheer and still manages to have a lightweight so that it is comfortable and also doesn’t look like a thick jersey fabric locking it into only being a casual piece.  This skirt can easily go from the office to running errands and comes with a high waist and with the cotton fabric has some give to it so it is very forgiving.

Whichever skirt best fits your summer skirt needs, you can’t go wrong with any of these bohemian chic style skirts.  They are a great blend of wearable and stylish which is our number one priority for great summer skirts.  Be sure and get yours today.

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Peasant Skirt

As the weather warms up we are thrilled to be wearing skirts as often as possible.  One of this season’s biggest skirt trends are peasant skirts.  While the name doesn’t really create an appealing image, it really is a beautiful skirt and best of all something that is ultra comfortable and fun to wear.

The peasant skirt features a series of connected layers that give a subtle ruffled look and of course a great touch of feminine details.  They can come in a variety of different lengths depending on your preferences, but they are almost always longer skirts that fall well below the knee.  They can also be as long as ankle length.  The longer length makes them a good multi-purpose skirt.  The peasant skirt works well as a casual skirt that you can wear with flip flops or sandals or dress it up with heels or boots for dressier occasions.

You can also find peasant skirts in actual tiered fabric layers giving the skirt a heavier, but bold look.  These are great statement skirts.  Personally, my favorite style of the peasant skirt is the Hilton skirt by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This skirt is long, but not ankle length.  It hits about half way between the knee and the ankle.  It also features a folded waist band giving you added versatility if you want the length to be a little longer.  Currently available in two great colors black (you can never have enough black skirts!) or Rootbeer, a smokey brown color.   I love this skirt because I don’t really like the ankle length skirts and depending on your personal body type you want to be careful that you don’t wear skirts that are too long because they can make you look shorter and draw added attention to your feet.

Best of all the peasant skirt really does give you a great feminine skirt that isn’t your basic pencil or A line skirt, but it is super comfortable and is really a great all around wear anywhere skirt.  In the current economy where we all are trying to maximize our dollar, this is the perfect versatile piece.  I love the ability to wear this on weekends running errands in my flip flops and then the next day wear it to church or a dressy party.  Really you can dress it up and change the sophistication level of this skirt by simply changing your shoes and top.

In short, the peasant skirt is a great way to really add a versatile, trendy and stylish skirt to your closet.  It really is a must have for summer.  It is also a great way to help you accentuate your favorite accessories year round whether they be sandals, boots, a great top, or even jewelry.  You can’t go wrong with a good peasant skirt and be sure to consider your individual body type when picking the length for the skirt.  If you are super tall, the longer length peasant skirt may be perfect for you, but if you are shorter or feeling a little heavy around the waistline, the shorter length peasant skirt might be best.

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Spring 2011 Fashion

This spring there are a variety of great fashion trends that you should be aware of and work to incorporate them into your own wardrobe if they suit your individual style. In the end we all have to decide which trends work best for us, but it is always helpful to know what is out there.  In fact, even as a shopper who considers myself fashion forward, I must admit that I do sometimes sit back and wait until I see some of these trends lasting beyond one season before I incorporate some of them into my wardrobe.  So bottom line, take these as a good assortment of ideas and then utilize them as you feel most comfortable.

You will see the groundwork of a resurgence of neutrals and earth tones.   We think you will actually see more of these colors in the Fall of 2011, but we’re seeing lots of khaki or white colors in jackets and wraps, cardigans, tops and dresses.   You will also see lots of these colors with a variety of patterns of stripes ranging from wide stripes to very narrow.  You’ll see neutrals and stripes in accessories like bags, scarves and shoes.

  • One popular style this season is the tie neck top.  These stylish tops can be found in a variety of fabrics although we’ve seen them primarily in sheer fabrics.  This top is a great way to incorporate the fabulous scarf trend that is also going to be prominent this spring.  Likewise you will also continue to see the high-waisted belt as a trend this spring and summer with more skinny / narrow belts instead of only seeing the super wide belts that are still prevalent.   While I have never been a proponent of the sewn in belt accessories, having a few go to belts in basic accent colors will be a stylish and economical way to spice up your wardrobe this spring.  You will also see lots of tie belts around the hips or even creating an empire waist line.  Ties will also be found on skirts, jackets and dresses for an added touch of feminine details.

Bohemian style blouses will also be a must have for spring fashion this year.  These loose style tops come in a variety of styles with some having ruffles, patterns, drawstrings around the neck or waist, embroidery, buttons, and much more.  You will still find that loose flowing look in a top to be very stylish this season.

As for pants, the trend with skinny pants and leggings will continue in spring with cropped lengths.  You will want to have a few pairs of different colors of cropped length leggings.  You will also see a variety of long length skirts and long ruffled skirts.  We’ve seen many of these long almost ankle length skirts with ruffled layers in bright spring colors like purples and corals.

In short, if you want to be front and center with the latest spring fashion trends in 2011, you will want to layer into your wardrobe good belts and add in at least one skinny /narrow belt.  Be sure to have at least one pair of cropped leggings and if you feel up to it add in a long ruffled skirt.  Have at least one neutral tone wrap or jacket to accent your spring dresses and skirts.  Most of all, be sure to make sure that whatever styles you incorporate we suggest finding your own voice in these styles to really help accent and create your own individual style.

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Sequin Tops

If you’ve opened any fashion magazine this year you can’t miss noticing one of this seasons latest fashion trends – sequins.  Sequins are the big accent to lots of tops, dresses, handbags, shoes, skirts and even pants.   It used to be that sequins were only reserved for really special occasions or evening dresses, but not anymore.  Sequins are popping up literally everywhere in fashion these days and I must admit, we are actually big fans of sequins too.  You’ll see sequins all over dresses on the red carpet and award shows and while there is such a thing as too much sequins by and large most fashionable pieces use sequins to add the perfect amount of sparkle to casual tops and dresses.

Consider the Erin Sequin Long Sleeve Wrap Top by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This is a gorgeous top with a sophisticated and elegant sequin pattern on your classic black deep v neck top.  The sequins are all over so this top is probably a little too dressy to wear to the office or out running errands, but looks awesome if you are trying to attract a little attention on a night out on the town or at a holiday party.  The fit is comfortable and this top in classic black looks hot with boots and even dare we say jeans.  This is a great example of the top that has the ability to be dressed up or down and this top is certainly at the high end in terms of use of sequins.

Alternatively the Scoop Neck Sequin Top by Collective Concepts also uses contrasting colors of sequins to adorn this Olive Green scoop neck top. Here the design is limited to the shoulders and a beautiful classy pattern that gives this basic top an added flair.  The shoulder detail is just enough to give turn this top into a great statement piece for your closet. Certainly this sequin top can be worn casually with just about anything, but yet the use of sequins really does help to dress up this top and give it a bit of extra attention and sparkle.

Sequin tops may not be the top you want to wear every single day, but they are great ways to insert a little variety and feminine touch to your wardrobe.  You’ll find a variety of large sequins or smaller sequins and sequins in a variety of colors.  Of course this year metallic colors are very popular too. You may even find little touches like sequin belts or earrings that can spice up your wardrobe too.  No matter how you decide to insert a little sparkle into your wardrobe rest assured in knowing that this isn’t a flash trend that will be gone tomorrow and that classic sequins will certainly be a stylish way to add more feminine touches to your wardrobe.  If nothing else a little bit of sequins can help turn a basic top into a statement piece for your closet for years to come.

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Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings have quickly become essential elements of the modern fashion wardrobe.   You frequently see them with skirts, tunic length tops, and dresses and they work perfectly with high boots, regular boots or even ballet slippers.  The look of an outfit with leggings or tights has become a fashion staple and is certainly something that you will want to consider when you think of great ways to incorporate this trend into your own wardrobe.

At Vintage Fringe, we currently sell leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer and have found them to be a great quality, fashionable legging.  You really do get what you pay for with leggings and what we love is the fabric and fit quality with the Swoozie Legging by Velvet.  These leggings are part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection so they are very soft and comfortable to wear.  Currently available at Vintage Fringe in great basic colors like Black and Grey, these leggings are long and work perfectly with boots.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of leggings you will want to be sure and consider both long and cropped leggings.  We love them both with different styles of outfits.  Cropped leggings are perfect for warmer weather and look adorable with ballet flats. Especially cute under shorter dresses, these leggings are great staple leggings that you will want to have in a few basic colors.

Tights are great accessories too, but personally I prefer leggings because they last longer.  Inevitably, I snag the tights or get a run in them, so when I have the option I prefer leggings.  You may also want to consider Spanx which has tights with panty hose like features like control tops.

When you are shopping for leggings, you will want to be sure and get a few pairs in staple colors.  Of course you will want a pair of leggings in black.  You cannot go wrong with black and just like any other fashion piece you will always default to the basic black.  My second choice for getting into leggings is either a grey or brown.  Both are colors that accessorize well with all sorts of other colors.  Grey pairs wonderfully with purples, reds and blues and of course works well with blacks.  I love the look of grey leggings with a black dress and black boots.   A good basic brown works perfectly with warmer colors like taupe, other shades of brown, pinks, whites, and some red or blue shades.  Once you have covered the basic colors, then we suggest adding other splurge colors like navy or purple that may not go with everything you have, but fits exactly with that one outfit.

As you can see, we have really come to embrace the tights and leggings trend and think that it really is a trend that is here to stay.  The distinctive look of adding leggings or tights to an outfit is a look that we have really come to love and think you will find that leggings are a great comfortable way to incorporate a little added edge into your wardrobe.

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