Mixed Pattern Fashion

Mixed pattern fashion is certainly not for everyone.  However, if you are feeling like stepping out in a bold way or are looking to make a fashion statement, then consider a few simple rules of thumb when selecting your patterns.  In our opinion, mixing patterns only works when you keep in mind one piece can be bold, but the other piece should be subtle.  Typically, offsetting bold patterns with solids or simple, subtle patterns can be a great way to truly incorporate your own fashion style in a bold way.   The more you can use solid colors as complements the better.   Also, be sure to avoid the cardinal rule of mixing patterns with colors that clash.

One of our favorite lines that incorporate a variety of patterns in elegant, feminine ways is Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  She uses lots of bold, bright patterns and offsets or complements them with accenting solid colors for trim or lining underneath.  Consider the Tie Short Dress by Sweet Pea.  This dress features a bold fuscia pink and brown floral pattern.  For contrast, she uses solid brown for the ties at the waist and in the bodice and around the neckline.  The effect of incorporating the contrast is that it helps to add a bit of simplicity to the bold pattern which helps create a more elegant, feminine look.

Consider also branching out into bolder colors and mixing them with non-traditional base colors like navy or brown.  For example, we love the look of brown with navy.  Of course you want the right shades to make it work, but these are colors we would never have thought pair well together, but we fell in love with the Annabelle top by designer AlixK which features a warm clay brown fabric accented with embroidered flowers in navy.  It looks stunning.  We also mix solid navy tops with reds, greens, corals, and greys.

When you’re trying to mix in different patterns with solid colors consider wearing accenting colored tank tops under patterned tops.  As an example, in the winter we wear navy or black long sleeve tops under the Cotton Stripe Tie Cardigan by Splendid.  Similarly, you could also wear a long Kelisha tank top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer under the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress for contrast.

In short, when you are exercising your creative licenses with your wardrobe planning and if you feel like stepping out in a bold patterned look, be sure to offset patterns with solid colors as much as possible.  Be sure to stay within the realm of colors that work together and beware of mixing patterns with colors that clash.  Doubling patterns is not for the faint at heart, so whatever look you create be sure to wear it with confidence and make sure that you do feel confident enough to wear it.  There is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that you feel embarrassed to be seen in once you step out of the house.

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Dressing with Layers

Layers are everywhere this season and especially in colder temperatures layers are a great way to help keep you warm while still looking stylish.  You can create that layered look in a variety of ways, but there are certainly a few that stand out as our favorites at Vintage Fringe.

You can’t talk about dressing with layers without discussing wraps and cardigans.  They truly are such versatile pieces that help to bridge the gap between warm and cold weather practically all year round.  You can find wraps in all sorts of fabrics depending on how heavy you want them, but we suggest wearing a good cotton or jersey wrap that you can throw in a bag to have with you as the perfect option on a cold evening.  These wraps can also be perfect for traveling if you need something light weight to carry on a plane or in your luggage.  Wraps can be found in just about every color so there really is no excuse for not having at least one.  Currently you’ll see them with flared or wide open fronts as a popular look.  You’ll see wraps in cropped lengths which are great accents for dresses or other outfits.  We also love long wraps to pair with leggings and boots which seem to be my go to look for the winter this year.

Another essential piece when dressing with layers are long sleeve shirts.  Whether you like long sleeve tops or turtlenecks these are essential pieces if you are looking to layer up.  Long sleeve tops are perfect if you are looking to wear them under wraps, cardigans or even as is so popular under other short sleeve tops.  Turtlenecks are some of our favorite pieces to wear under certain sweaters and if you’ve seen the long sweater cardigans turtlenecks can be great basics to layer underneath.  At Vintage Fringe we have a variety of different styles of turtlenecks from solid colors to turtlenecks that are truly statement pieces, but in any case you shouldn’t overlook these basic long sleeve tops when you are looking to find ways to layer up in colder weather.

Finally another great piece to layer with are light jackets.   Our favorite jackets for layering include lightweight fleece or other jersey cotton.  Consider the Cropped Double Breasted Jacket by Zooey which is a great lightweight jersey cotton that is light enough to wear in warmer weather and also warm enough for fall weather.  We even wear it as a blazer during colder weather giving it added versatility.

Dressing with layers is really so much about function and versatility and giving you options depending on the weather, but despite all of these great reasons for layers you don’t have to sacrifice style.   You can easily find a variety of tops, wraps and jackets that will help you create your own individual style with a few great pieces that really help give your wardrobe a variety of options in addition to helping you fit in with the latest trends.

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