Hot Pink Tops

Hot Pink Tops can come in a number of great styles.  We love the hot pink color because it is pretty much automatically a statement piece with a vibrant, bold color that looks great with just about any skin tone.  Plus how can you go wrong with pink the ultimate feminine color.  Consider a few great options for hot pink tops currently available at Vintage Fringe.

If you are looking for solid pink, then consider tops like the Alejandra Knot Top by designer Ella Moss.  This top features a gorgeous pink in a great feminine style. This top features a v neckline with a knot at the center for added detail.  The top also features pleats around the collar along with the empire waist and pleats in the back of this top.  The sleeves are also gathered at the cuffs giving it a fuller looking sleeve.  This top is a great fluid piece that is flattering and feminine and of course features a vibrant pink color.

Alternatively, consider the perfect beach vacation top the Cotton Gauze Scoop Neck with Tie Top.  This top by Splendid makes us feel like we are on vacation in the Caribbean! It is loose fitting at the waist and also has a loose scoop neck around the collar with a drawstring tie around it. For detail the top also features 6 white buttons as in the front so you can wear the top buttoned up or not.  The sleeves are also gathered and feature elastic at the cuffs. It is light weight and looks great over a tank top or bikini top in summer weather.  Of course is also comes in Strawberry a bright pink color.

Finally, if you don’t want a solid pink top, you can find great patterned tops by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati as an example that weave in hot pink colors into their tops.  You may like the look of the Bell Sleeve Top by Sweet Pea which features a black and hot pink scroll pattern with a vivid solid pink detail around the neckline.  This top features flared sleeves which give rise to the Bell Sleeve name and a gorgeous neckline and pattern which makes this top a great statement piece.  There is also the Classic Surplice Short Sleeve V Neck top which features a beautiful floral pattern with lots of hot pink, browns and hints of purple and yellows.  This bold pattern accents a fitted top that is gathered at the waist and features a solid brown lining underneath.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to wear hot pink tops and a number of different styles and patterns to find them in.  Hot pink is a great color particularly in summer months when patterns and colors tend to be a bit brighter and bolder than other times of year.  You can also see that great designers have included other feminine details and accents so the best part of your top isn’t just the great color.

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How to: Stripes Fashion Trend

Stripes have become a great component of modern fashion trends and you’ll see all sorts of great tops featuring a variety of different stripe patterns. Stripes are really nothing new, but their popularity has certainly surged in recent years and there are a variety of great ways to incorporate stripe patterns into your closet.  Below are a few great examples of different stripes in different types of clothing i.e. tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters so that you can get a variety of possibilities and great stripe styles.

First consider the Skye V Neck Dress by designer Ella Moss.  This eastern inspired dress style features metallic stripes in a charcoal grey color as contrast.  The stripes are diagonal and for added contrast are horizontal in the back.  We love the metallic stripe which is such a popular trend in fabrics right now and in addition love the deep chocolate brown color.  A great dress from Ella Moss this dress features an empire waist and kimono style v neck.  This dress is the perfect fashion statement piece with a great example of trendy stripes.

If you’re looking for short sleeve tops with stripes consider designer Collective Concepts.  Known for great patterns and designs and distinctive fabrics, Collective Concepts styles are innovative and our favorite piece actually features wide horizontal stripes in contrasting colors.  We love the Lace Trim Stripe Tank.  This tank features a racerback and lace trim around the shoulders for added contrast.  This tank is a great loose fitting way to incorporate modern stripe patterns into your wardrobe in summer.

When it comes to long sleeve tops, designer Splendid has a great way of infusing stripes into their clothing styles.  One distinctive top that we love for their great style trends canvassed on a great contrasting stripe.  We love that this stripe pattern features navy and then is contrasted with either pink or mud a light brown color.  The Navy Slub Puff Sleeve Top features a puff around the shoulders, a Henley neckline with a v neck.  The top also includes ¾ length sleeves and most importantly are the stripes.  We love the color of the stripes in either the pink or the mud color and this top is a great example of feminine style mixed with stripes.

Splendid also designed the Cotton Stripe Tie Cardigan another example of wide stripes with a distinctive style design for the sweater.  This wrap sweater features a tie around the waist and a bold fold over neckline.  We love wearing this sweater over a navy solid long sleeve top or another great bold color for contrast.  It is a great long length sweater and the stripes do give it an added edge.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg of different ways to wear the stripe patterns in your current wardrobe.  There are most certainly a number of other designers and styles with great stripes, but we wanted to point out that you can literally incorporate stripes into almost every facet of your wardrobe from tanks to dresses and sweaters.  Just be sure that you don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many stripes or contrasting stripe patterns and we always recommend that you steer clear of vertical stripes wherever possible as they are not flattering.

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Pretty Silk Tops for Spring

Silk is always a great fabric, but in spring and summer months silk isn’t as breathable and can often be too hot and you certainly don’t want to sweat it up in your favorite silk top.  If you are looking for a pretty silk top for spring and summer months consider finding a great top that includes silk elements as a compromise to that all silk alternative.

A great example of the mixed fabric top which includes silk is the Ocelot Print silk and cotton top by Splendid.  This top features a boatneck line, short sleeves and an empire waist that leads to a contrasting loose Ocelot pattern on silk with elements of olive green and lipstick red.   This top is easy to wear and is also machine washable which is always a plus when you’re dealing with silks.  It is certainly a distinctive and feminine top that is sure to become a statement piece in your spring / summer wardrobe.

Another demonstration of great blends of fabrics including silks is the Modal Jersey Short Sleeve Top featuring silk fabric for contrast around the neckline.  A great example of casual meets upscale, this top is comfortable and the modal jersey fabric is ultra luxurious.  This top also includes a fitted waistband at the base of the top and a great pleating from the center of the neckline.

Splendid has made several tops with silk accents such as the Modal Jersey with Silk Cotton Voile short sleeve scoop neck top with buttons.  This top features an adorable puff sleeve that is gathered down the side of the sleeve.  The top of course has other details like buttons in the center of the top and the silk cotton voile around the neckline.  We also love the bright colors in light pink or blurple which is a combination color of blue and purple.

Finally, a discussion about great combination silk tops would be incomplete without discussing almost all of the AlixK line.  Designer AlixK uses a great blended fabric which is a combination of cotton and silk blended into the entire weave of the fabric.  Their signature hallmark is adding great embellishments such as embroidery to their wonderful pieces.  My favorite piece for spring or summer is the AlixK Cappy short sleeve turtleneck top.  Their turtlenecks are sewn gathered so they don’t flop around or require constant adjustment like so many turtlenecks do.  This top works great year round as it looks great under a blazer or standalone in warmer weather.

As you can see, the silk is a great accent and a great way to add a bit of extra detail to your favorite spring and summer tops.  Best of all, each of these pieces is machine washable so you don’t live in fear the entire time you are wearing your silk top.  These great options are of course the tip of the iceburg when it comes to combination silk tops or finding great silk accents.  Of course,  we hope that you will agree that wearing 100% silk tops is totally overrated and the variety of textures and fabrics add to the depth and distinction of these great tops.

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Winter White Fashion

If you’re looking for ways to have winter white fashion looks this season consider a few great pieces in a variety of shades of white and ivory to help create that beautiful winter white look.  Of course you will want to make sure and have some great accessories to help give the right amount of contrast to your look.

As a great example of ways to add contrasting colors, consider the Moonlight Cap Sweater by designer Laurie b.  This fashion forward sweater is available in white and during winter we love to wear it over long sleeve scoop necks in black or any color to add a little edge to the look.  Our favorite top to wear under this sweater is the Long Sleeve Scoop Neck by Splendid.  It is a great fabric and has a sheer look to it.  Available in a variety of colors including white that long sleeve scoop neck is the perfect complement for the Moonlight Cap Sweater. This sweater is a great way to layer in additional winter white fashion.

The Audrey wrap, also by designer Laurie b. features a luxurious knit in Ivory with a subtle contrasting tie at the waist in tan to give it just a hint of color.  With a beautiful fabric and classic feminine design, this wrap is a great winter sweater.

A lighter weight piece that is a great complement for your winter white fashion wardrobe is the Very Light Jersey Draped Cardigan by Splendid.  Available in a variety of clothing including white, this light weight cardigan has a flowing look and long length which capitalizes on two great fashion trends this season – the long length and the sheer lightweight fabric.  You’ll see a variety of similar light weight fabrics such as burnout again this season.

For a different look, consider the Nona ¾ length sleeve ruffle top by Velvet.  This winter white top features a ruffle accenting the v neckline and is slightly gathered in back.  We love the classic look of this top with the feminine touches and best of all the comfortable, baby jersey cotton fabric which is so wearable and comfortable.  It is long enough to wear with a wide belt if you are looking for longer length tops.

If you’re looking for great winter white accessories, consider one of our favorite necklaces featuring large white turquoise beads with specks of sand color on them.  For contrast, the designer utilized small shimmering gold colored beads in between the large turquoise beads.  All of this is set off by a copper chain for additional color.

There is truly no shortage of options for different ways to wear winter white fashion this season.  You’ll find a variety of ways to create great individual style while focusing your wardrobe on winter white.  As you create your own individual style winter white fashion, don’t forget that you may want just a pop of color and great jewelry is a great way to add a little pop or sparkle to help break up a monotone looking outfit.

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Hooded ¾ Length Cardigan

We love hoodies also known as hooded tops and we love that the hoodie element has found its way into a variety of tops and sweaters this season.  You may be looking for specific styles of hoodies such as hooded cardigans or hooded sweaters, hoodies with different sleeve lengths such as long or ¾ length or even short sleeves, but we suggest having a variety of different style hooded tops that give you a variety of options and distinctive ways to wear them and incorporate them into your wardrobe.  One of our most popular designers of hoodies at Vintage Fringe is Splendid.  We wanted to highlight a few great hoodie alternatives from Splendid in this article.

Take a look at the Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie by Splendid.  This is one of the dressier hoodies we’ve seen as this hoodie is made of a cotton cashmere blend giving it a light weight sweater feel.  It is sheer enough that it works perfectly layered over a short sleeve top or tank and we even like to wear it over a long sleeve tee in the winter.  With a drawstring tie at the waist and a wide v neck this hoodie really is a perfect piece for that beach vacation where you want something a little warm and love the sheer, light weight look of this hoodie.

Alternatively, the French Terry Hooded Jacket by Splendid is made from their French terry with lycra fabric blend.  It feels luxuriously soft and is a great top for layering and active wear.  We love wearing it with Splendid’s French Terry with Lycra pants to the gym or yoga studio.  With a tie at the waist with belt loops to hold the tie in place you can wear this cardigan loose or fitted depending on your preference. Of course the hood gives it a more casual look, but it also takes a basic top and gives it a modern twist.

To really mix it up with different styles of hoodies consider the Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie also by Splendid, a wonderful example of a simple yet very distinctive style from Splendid.  The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie features an empire waist with a drawstring and short sleeves.  It is not every day that you run across a short sleeved hoodie, but we love the look of this Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  The Baby Fleece fabric is really a good quality sweatshirt fabric and we love the green color and the long tunic length of this hoodie.  We wear it over leggings or jeans and love to wear it year round over short or long sleeve tops.

As you can see, hoodies fill a variety of roles in your wardrobe and you can find a number of them available in a variety of styles and designs with different fabrics and possible uses.  They are great modern casual pieces for every wardrobe and the hoodies by Splendid mentioned here all incorporate great fabrics that make them comfortable and easy to wear.

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Short Sleeve Sweater

During colder weather we often find ourselves feeling a lot like Goldilocks as you want something warm, but at the same time you don’t want something too warm so that you have to wear layers of clothing in case you end up too hot and need to start shedding some of those layers.  The short sleeve sweater is the perfect solution to this problem and is a great way to incorporate lots of alternative options for warmer weather.  To give you an idea of some great ways to incorporate short sleeve sweaters into your wardrobe, here are a few examples of great short sleeve sweaters that will help add that versatility into your cold weather wardrobe and frankly many can even work in warmer weather too.

Cardigans and wraps are ever popular this season and for good reason.  They are great layering pieces and have really become main stream as a basic long sleeve top.  Many modern cardigans feature long sleeves and now range from heavy sweaters to light weight knits.  Consider the Rumba Puff Sleeve Cardigan / Wrap from Laurie B.  The Rumba short sleeve sweater is a great example of a short sleeve sweater that we wear year round.  It works great over long sleeve tops in the winter and over tanks and short sleeve tops in the spring and summer months.  We love the shorter length in the back and the longer flared front.  Of course another great touch is the puff sleeves that give this sweater a unique feminine look.

Another great short sleeve cardigan is the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.  This cardigan is long and features a more classic, traditional cardigan look.  The distinction for this short sleeve sweater is the great navy blue color and the contrasting white stitching design that complements the front and a pattern in the back.  This cardigan features front pockets and slightly gathered sleeves for added detail.  A great versatile piece again this cardigan can be worn over long sleeves in the winter and over short sleeves in the summer.

We love the distinctive elements on the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan and another example of a short sleeve sweater with similar attention to details and a third distinctive short sleeve sweater style is the Venice Keyhole Back Sweater by Laurie B.  Featuring lots of details including the layered keyhole back, the flared short sleeve, and the fitted waist in back giving it an added twist this top looks fairly standard from the front, but as you can see the back is loaded with detail.  The fabric is a cashmere blend and also feels very soft.  Of course our favorite piece of this sweater is the surprise details in back that really do make this sweater a perfect statement piece and certainly something you won’t find every day.

As you can see from these great examples of unique styles for short sleeve sweaters that you really can find a lot of stylish, versatile options for short sleeve sweaters that can work in your wardrobe practically all year round.

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Fashion trends in the spring and summer, when the flowers begin to bloom and the weather gets a tad warmer are so much more fun than your winter fashion trends. While there are many, many trends this season, I will tell you my top picks and how to wear them. Let’s just say that skin is definitely in this season!


Get naked (no pun intended) this season! Try to incorporate a nude shade in your wardrobe for day as well as evening – think skin-tone. Best of all, neutral shades can be paired with everything and anything from brights and prints to basic black. You should especially splurge on a neutral accessory such as a handbag or cork wedge sandal. The shade is effortlessly classic and goes with everything.


This style is truly for the daring.  With material such as mesh and lace and strategically placed cut-outs, the look is undeniably edgy. Dark shades are incorporated into many Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Rodarte and Preen pieces this season, which show off a bold and sexy silhouette.


Feathers are a fun and feminine touch to both clothing and accessories. You could pair a funky headband with a bright feather as a nice touch to a boring outfit, or you could pair a feather print blouse with destroyed skinny jeans and a few bracelets for a bohemian look. Feathers are definitely springlike and are a great alternative to floral prints!   You can find several great feather patterns by Sweet Pea.

Can’t wait to begin shopping for this season’s pieces? Check out my favorite trend focused site and get inspired by your favorite celebrity’s style! The most chicest and unique online boutique! The site focuses on designs that incorporate feminine details on their garments as well as vintage finds, perfect for the ultimate girly girly! You can shop by color, price, size and brand. There is also a huge selection of comfy cotton pieces from my favorite brands such as Ella Moss, Splendid and Velvet by Graham & Spencer.

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Fashionable Essentials for Fall: The Sweater

Laurie B. Rumba Cardigan

Laurie B. Rumba Cardigan

The sweater is another fashionable essential this fall.  Since fall can be cool one day and freezing the next I would recommend a lightweight sweater and a thicker layering sweater. For the lightweight sweater this season I have fallen in love with the Laurie B. Rumba Puff Sleeve Sweater. This sweater can be worn so many different ways. Pictured here unbuttoned and over a tank top you can wear it in warmer weather too.  In cooler weather, we love to wear it over a long sleeved shirt. The snap in the front makes it possible to wear it open or closed.  My favorite detail are the pockets in front.  I love also that it comes in classic black and a sweatshirt grey.

Splendid Cotton Stripe Cardigan

Splendid Cotton Stripe Cardigan

Another fashionable sweater that I love to wear on those chilly fall days is Cotton Stripe Long Sleeve Cardigan from Splendid. This sweater has the adorable thick stripes that look great with denim pants.  This sweater is more flattering than most chunky sweater wraps because the collar gets wider closer to the face. We love the tie around the waist too giving it a flattering fit.

Best of all both of these sweaters are currently on sale. What do you think?  What are your favorite sweaters?  Post a comment and let us know.

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Fashion Trends: The Long Cardigan a Must Have for Every Wardrobe

1x1 8 Button Cardigan

Splendid 8 Button Cardigan

It’s an undeniable and unexpected fashion trend that has become a must have for every wardrobe…the long cardigan. Today’s cardigans are not the cardigans we used to see on Mr. Rogers or your Grandpa, they are actually the perfect layer for almost every occasion. Some of our favorite summer/fall cardigans have more of a lightweight feel than a jacket and are certainly more versatile. Cardigans can also be paired with so many accessories from scarfs to leggings to skinny jeans.

At Vintage Fringe we have numerous cardigans to choose from. My favorite cardigan is Splendid’s 1×1 8 Button Cardigan. What I love about this cardigan is the waist band at the end of the long cardigan. This added detail flatters every body. I can wear this cardigan anywhere with anything. I actually wear this cardigan every time I fly because it is the perfect fashionable and lightweight layer that can cover some of my midsection flaws and let’s be honest, most of us have a few flaws we would like to cover up.

Splendid Cotton Bamboo Short Sleeve Cardigan

Splendid Cotton Bamboo Cardigan

Another favorite cardigan I also adore is the Cotton Bamboo Short Sleeve Cardigan also by Splendid. What I love about this cardigan is the added seam detail which is so hot this season as well as the flared cut to the short sleeves that actually slims the look of my arms. This cardigan is fun to wear and especially with the pocket detail that only looks cute with a cardigan this length.

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Don’t Miss the Vintage Fringe Outlet Sale!!!!

In honor of the hot summer weather Vintage Fringe is serving up some hot prices on all our outlet items.  Starting today until July 15th take an additional 20% off all outlet purchases.  This means you can get designer clothing from designers like Sweet Pea, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, Alixk, Laurie B., Alternative Apparel, Ella Moss, Zooey, and Splendid at discounts of up to 80% off.  A perfect example of our amazing savings is this Orange and Black Sweet Pea dress originally retailing for $99 .  Now with the additional 20% off you can buy this dress for only $44 .  The hot prices won’t last forever, so hurry up and save only at Vintage Fringe.


Sweet Pea Orange and Black Dress

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