Pretty Silk Tops for Spring

Silk is always a great fabric, but in spring and summer months silk isn’t as breathable and can often be too hot and you certainly don’t want to sweat it up in your favorite silk top.  If you are looking for a pretty silk top for spring and summer months consider finding a great top that includes silk elements as a compromise to that all silk alternative.

A great example of the mixed fabric top which includes silk is the Ocelot Print silk and cotton top by Splendid.  This top features a boatneck line, short sleeves and an empire waist that leads to a contrasting loose Ocelot pattern on silk with elements of olive green and lipstick red.   This top is easy to wear and is also machine washable which is always a plus when you’re dealing with silks.  It is certainly a distinctive and feminine top that is sure to become a statement piece in your spring / summer wardrobe.

Another demonstration of great blends of fabrics including silks is the Modal Jersey Short Sleeve Top featuring silk fabric for contrast around the neckline.  A great example of casual meets upscale, this top is comfortable and the modal jersey fabric is ultra luxurious.  This top also includes a fitted waistband at the base of the top and a great pleating from the center of the neckline.

Splendid has made several tops with silk accents such as the Modal Jersey with Silk Cotton Voile short sleeve scoop neck top with buttons.  This top features an adorable puff sleeve that is gathered down the side of the sleeve.  The top of course has other details like buttons in the center of the top and the silk cotton voile around the neckline.  We also love the bright colors in light pink or blurple which is a combination color of blue and purple.

Finally, a discussion about great combination silk tops would be incomplete without discussing almost all of the AlixK line.  Designer AlixK uses a great blended fabric which is a combination of cotton and silk blended into the entire weave of the fabric.  Their signature hallmark is adding great embellishments such as embroidery to their wonderful pieces.  My favorite piece for spring or summer is the AlixK Cappy short sleeve turtleneck top.  Their turtlenecks are sewn gathered so they don’t flop around or require constant adjustment like so many turtlenecks do.  This top works great year round as it looks great under a blazer or standalone in warmer weather.

As you can see, the silk is a great accent and a great way to add a bit of extra detail to your favorite spring and summer tops.  Best of all, each of these pieces is machine washable so you don’t live in fear the entire time you are wearing your silk top.  These great options are of course the tip of the iceburg when it comes to combination silk tops or finding great silk accents.  Of course,  we hope that you will agree that wearing 100% silk tops is totally overrated and the variety of textures and fabrics add to the depth and distinction of these great tops.

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Short Sleeve Sweater

During colder weather we often find ourselves feeling a lot like Goldilocks as you want something warm, but at the same time you don’t want something too warm so that you have to wear layers of clothing in case you end up too hot and need to start shedding some of those layers.  The short sleeve sweater is the perfect solution to this problem and is a great way to incorporate lots of alternative options for warmer weather.  To give you an idea of some great ways to incorporate short sleeve sweaters into your wardrobe, here are a few examples of great short sleeve sweaters that will help add that versatility into your cold weather wardrobe and frankly many can even work in warmer weather too.

Cardigans and wraps are ever popular this season and for good reason.  They are great layering pieces and have really become main stream as a basic long sleeve top.  Many modern cardigans feature long sleeves and now range from heavy sweaters to light weight knits.  Consider the Rumba Puff Sleeve Cardigan / Wrap from Laurie B.  The Rumba short sleeve sweater is a great example of a short sleeve sweater that we wear year round.  It works great over long sleeve tops in the winter and over tanks and short sleeve tops in the spring and summer months.  We love the shorter length in the back and the longer flared front.  Of course another great touch is the puff sleeves that give this sweater a unique feminine look.

Another great short sleeve cardigan is the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan by Splendid.  This cardigan is long and features a more classic, traditional cardigan look.  The distinction for this short sleeve sweater is the great navy blue color and the contrasting white stitching design that complements the front and a pattern in the back.  This cardigan features front pockets and slightly gathered sleeves for added detail.  A great versatile piece again this cardigan can be worn over long sleeves in the winter and over short sleeves in the summer.

We love the distinctive elements on the Cotton Bamboo Cardigan and another example of a short sleeve sweater with similar attention to details and a third distinctive short sleeve sweater style is the Venice Keyhole Back Sweater by Laurie B.  Featuring lots of details including the layered keyhole back, the flared short sleeve, and the fitted waist in back giving it an added twist this top looks fairly standard from the front, but as you can see the back is loaded with detail.  The fabric is a cashmere blend and also feels very soft.  Of course our favorite piece of this sweater is the surprise details in back that really do make this sweater a perfect statement piece and certainly something you won’t find every day.

As you can see from these great examples of unique styles for short sleeve sweaters that you really can find a lot of stylish, versatile options for short sleeve sweaters that can work in your wardrobe practically all year round.

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Long Sleeve Dresses

It’s the perfect time of year to be shopping for Long sleeve dresses.  We love finding stylish dresses and especially love finding distinctive styles to wear for special occasions or just for fun.  Pairing dresses with boots, leggings, scarves or even just great jewelry make finding good dresses even more worthwhile. A variety of designers notoriously have great dresses and a variety of long sleeve dresses.  Dresses by Velvet by Graham and Spencer have become some of our favorites.  They are typically made of their baby jersey or gauzy jersey cotton so they are comfortable, machine washable and wearable which can’t be said for a lot of dresses.  Here are a few of our favorite dresses by Velvet this season:

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Freda Gathered Waist Dress – This dress is a classic style, but we love the look of the gathered waist and the deep v neck giving it an elegant feminine look.  This dress style reminds us of a vintage Greta Garbo dress.  Since the Freda dress is made of a super soft jersey cotton this dress is versatile and works in warm and cool weather a great feature when you are trying to get the most out of every purchase these days.  One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is available in black, navy and white.  We love the look of the white dress in the spring and warmer weather as it is not a dress color you find every day.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – A truly fashionable classic long sleeve dress with a bit of an edge.  The Doreen dress features long sleeves with cutouts on each arm just at the base of the shoulders.  Lengthwise it hits our models at about mid-thigh so it pairs perfectly with boots, and leggings or tights.  It is currently available at Vintage Fringe in Gazelle, a great purple color so it goes wonderfully with blacks and greys.  We love the cutout look giving this dress an added twist and the fitted look.  We are so hooked on boots and leggings this year that this dress is a must have this season.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Zahara Knot Dress – A timeless dress the Zahara Knot dress features an A line skirt and a knot at the base of the v neckline.  With long sleeves as well, this dress is another versatile piece for cold and warm weather. We love the simple, but elegant look of this dress and again the colors.  It is available at Vintage Fringe in Rain (a light blue), Black, Chisel (Grey), and Lilypad (Green).   The neckline on this dress is very flirty and distinctive and takes a classic style up a notch.

As you can see, long sleeve dresses can come in many styles and designs and naturally you have to find the right style for you, but we think you’ll find that these long sleeve dresses by Velvet are great additions to your wardrobe and many of them can be classic pieces that will not be out of style next season.

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