Striped Knit Blouse

When you’re shopping for a striped knit blouse, there are really a variety of different alternatives depending on what you need this top for.  Whether you need it for something dressy, casual or a combination of both, there are a number of options for each type of occasion and from a variety of designers.  Stripes are totally in this season and there are several great alternative ways to wear them in different style blouses.

Consider a classic boatneck knit blouse by designer Splendid, the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Boatneck top.  Of course it is completely classic Splendid to feature a stripe pattern and this top features contrasting stripes with a twist. This striped top features the unique blend of wide and narrow stripes of color and white as contrast on this top. It also has two tiny buttons at the top of the left shoulder for added detail. Made from loose knit rayon this long sleeve boatneck has just the right amount of opacity to look adorable over a tank.  It is available in either a Red and White stripe pattern or a Navy and White stripe pattern.   This top is a dressier knit top that can certainly be worn to the office or casually as well which makes it a great option for your closet.

Another alternative striped knit blouse is the Boyfriend Stripe Button-up top, also by Splendid.  True to its name, this long sleeved Boyfriend button-up top from Splendid features a looser fit.  It also has opacity or sheerness in the fabric and this sheer look is perfect to wear over a tank.  With a crinkly cotton/silk blend, this top is perfect to wear year round as it is light enough to work in the summer and perfect for layering in the winter.  Available in navy with black stripes, this top even works with a black suit.  This blouse is also made with cotton knit and silk blend and best of this top is machine washable.  This top is truly a great versatile option that can be worn out and loose or open over a tank or worm under a blazer.  With options to dress it up or down, this top is a great striped blouse option.

A casual option for a striped knit top is the Stripe Knit Top by Collective Concepts. This stripe knit top features wide contrasting white and pink or white and green stripes.  The white fabric is a burnout material which gives it an opaque look. The fabric is a rayon and nylon blend with a hint of spandex giving this top a great luxurious knit feel and with a hint of cling. Clearly this is a short sleeve alternative to the other striped knit top options, but certainly a noteworthy one worth considering as a great casual option for your closet.

As you can see you really can’t make a bad choice here.  Each of these tops are comfortable, high quality, and a great striped knit blouse alternative depending on whatever occasion you need the top for.

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