Summer Fashion Trends

summer fashion trendsAs the temperatures rise, shopping summer fashion trends is in full swing.   You may have already seen many of these trends in stores or on fashion trendsetter friends, but consider a few of these great summer fashion trends that you can easily incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

First, maxi dresses.  These are just as popular as ever so if you had previously been wondering if this was a trend with staying power, rest assured that great maxi dresses are here to stay and are a prominent summer fashion trend.  Of course you can find a variety of great maxi dresses ranging from high end designer prints and fabrics to casual cotton pool dresses.  The key is finding the right maxi dress for your personal body type and fashion style.  Maxi dresses may not be for everyone, but if they are for you keep in mind a few great rules of thumb when shopping for the maxi dresses summer fashion trend.  First, be sure that you find a dress that works height wise.  You don’t want it to be too short and you don’t want it to be too long.  Each dress naturally has its own length so be sure to find a dress length that hits at least at the ankle and depending on your shoe choice hits you at approximately the ankle with shoes on.  Much longer and you will be tripping over it and much shorter and it isn’t a true maxi dress.  Second, be sure that you find a maxi dress that is figure flattering from top to bottom.  You don’t want to have bra straps showing and make sure that you don’t show too much cleavage or that it doesn’t fit so snuggly that you can see everything too closely.  We’ve all seen people with a dress that is so tight that you can unfortunately see rolls where the dress fits so tightly and that is certainly not the point of wearing a maxi dress.  A great example of one of our favorite maxi dresses is the Sanni Maxi Dress by Velvet that is a great cotton dress with a high slit in front.  It also features a button up neckline and a belted tie around the waist.

The second great fashion trend we have seen this summer is white.  Of course white is always a great classic color, but this summer you will see lots of white from white clothing to white shoes and white jewelry or accessories.  Of course this is a great time of year to celebrate white and we love the great options that are out there.  Eyelets and lace are also big fashion trends, but white is a perfect way to wear both of them as great statement pieces or complements to other colors.  We love the elegant Freda dress by Velvet by Graham and Spencer in White as a great way to incorporate this summer fashion trend.

Finally, you may have noticed a lot of people incorporating feathers into their hair, but feathers as accessories are also a popular summer fashion trend.  Whether it is finding jewelry in feather shapes or jewelry with actual feathers you will see feathers in lots of great accessories.  You will also see a lot of feather patterns that will carry over into fall fashions in clothing as well.

As you can see, there are several great ways to implement this season’s best summer fashion trends into your personal wardrobe and of course with all of these ideas you are sure to find pieces that fit work well with many other pieces in your closet.

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