Hot Pink Tops

Hot Pink Tops can come in a number of great styles.  We love the hot pink color because it is pretty much automatically a statement piece with a vibrant, bold color that looks great with just about any skin tone.  Plus how can you go wrong with pink the ultimate feminine color.  Consider a few great options for hot pink tops currently available at Vintage Fringe.

If you are looking for solid pink, then consider tops like the Alejandra Knot Top by designer Ella Moss.  This top features a gorgeous pink in a great feminine style. This top features a v neckline with a knot at the center for added detail.  The top also features pleats around the collar along with the empire waist and pleats in the back of this top.  The sleeves are also gathered at the cuffs giving it a fuller looking sleeve.  This top is a great fluid piece that is flattering and feminine and of course features a vibrant pink color.

Alternatively, consider the perfect beach vacation top the Cotton Gauze Scoop Neck with Tie Top.  This top by Splendid makes us feel like we are on vacation in the Caribbean! It is loose fitting at the waist and also has a loose scoop neck around the collar with a drawstring tie around it. For detail the top also features 6 white buttons as in the front so you can wear the top buttoned up or not.  The sleeves are also gathered and feature elastic at the cuffs. It is light weight and looks great over a tank top or bikini top in summer weather.  Of course is also comes in Strawberry a bright pink color.

Finally, if you don’t want a solid pink top, you can find great patterned tops by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati as an example that weave in hot pink colors into their tops.  You may like the look of the Bell Sleeve Top by Sweet Pea which features a black and hot pink scroll pattern with a vivid solid pink detail around the neckline.  This top features flared sleeves which give rise to the Bell Sleeve name and a gorgeous neckline and pattern which makes this top a great statement piece.  There is also the Classic Surplice Short Sleeve V Neck top which features a beautiful floral pattern with lots of hot pink, browns and hints of purple and yellows.  This bold pattern accents a fitted top that is gathered at the waist and features a solid brown lining underneath.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to wear hot pink tops and a number of different styles and patterns to find them in.  Hot pink is a great color particularly in summer months when patterns and colors tend to be a bit brighter and bolder than other times of year.  You can also see that great designers have included other feminine details and accents so the best part of your top isn’t just the great color.

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Designer Tank Tops

As we head into warmer weather in spring and summer you will want to make sure that you have a handful of designer tank tops.  We love designer tank tops because they are almost always fashion forward and are at the forefront of trends and made of high quality fabrics which makes them last much longer than many of the less expensive versions.  Of course, you don’t have to buy something super expensive to have it be designer quality.  We love the reasonable prices of designer Collective Concepts and their great designs as an example of something that is high quality and fashion forward while also being reasonably priced.  Consider a few of our favorite examples of great, reasonable designer tank tops that are all $80 or less.

First, starting on the pricier end one of our favorites that is a statement tank top is the Solna Sleeveless by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.   Available in Haze, a smokey grey color, this top is a great piece to wear out on the weekend and is dressy enough to wear to special occasions or even to work.  Part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection, the fabric on this top feels so luxurious.  Of course my favorite aspect of this top is the neckline.  With a sweeping asymmetric sash across the neckline that is gathered off center on this top for added detail which looks feminine and stylish.  Priced at $80, this tank is a great reasonably priced designer tank top that will quickly become a favorite in your closet.

As another example consider the Racerback Flared Tunic tank by Collective Concepts.  This designer tank top is reasonably priced at $55 and features a gorgeous grey rayon fabric again giving it that luxurious feel.  With beading around the shoulder straps for added detail and a gathered racerback on the back of the tank we love the dressy look of this tank top.  Again it is versatile enough to work with jeans and yet can also be dressed up to wear out to a special occasion.  We also love the Lace Trim Stripe tank by Collective concepts as a somewhat similar style, but with different details such as lace trim around the neckline and then wide contrasting stripes in either navy or red.  Also a racerback and with a looser flared fit, this tank is a great summer tank top that we love to wear.   Priced at $58 the Lace Trim Stripe Tank top is a great value for a designer tank top.

Finally, consider the Surplice V Neck Tank Top by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  Sweet Pea is known for their great patterns and the design of their breathable nylon mesh fabric that is meant to be comfortable in warmer weather.  The Surplice V Neck Tank Top features a deep v neckline with solid purple contrast around the bust.  We love the empire waist line that adds to the femininity of this top.  Not to mention the great pattern on this top featuring a variety of different colors of blues and greens on an ivory colored fabric.

Each of these pieces feature a distinctive style, but are all great, high quality designer pieces that are stylish enough to wear for multiple seasons to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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Mixing Vintage Style into Your Wardrobe

Mixing vintage style into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult.  These days finding modern fashions that incorporate vintage style trends is actually pretty easy if you know where to look.  The internet has really made it far easier to find great modern vintage style clothing and in fact as luck would have it with current styles vintage style pieces are also very en vogue.  You can find vintage elements in many modern designer pieces which is a great way to incorporate vintage style into your wardrobe.    To begin let’s talk about what we consider vintage style as that phrase is becoming more and more popular and prevalent in fashion trends.  We consider vintage style to be style elements that you would have found in prior fashion.  Examples include great patterns that are reminiscent of the 70s, etc. and styles that you would have found in prior eras.  Consider the Mod Retro Tunic Top by Sweet Pea as a relevant example of a modern piece that incorporates vintage style.

Finding similar vintage style pieces has really been made easier with the advent of online shopping as many online boutiques and other online sites make vintage styles far more accessible and available.   You can search by color, by style elements like polka dots, patterns or empire waist tops all via the internet as a whole or via more targeted sites such as,, and so many other search portal sites.  In fact, you can even find clothes now available at major search sites like

Note that we are not including used vintage pieces in this definition.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding great second hand pieces it is just far more difficult to do and shopping for such pieces is typically best done in person shopping at consignment stores or great second hand stores.  We suggest shopping for second hand pieces in person so that you can personally examine the quality of the piece and the fit.  There are lots of ways to get ripped off buying used clothing online.  Accordingly, at Vintage Fringe we only feature clothing that is brand new, of high quality and from designers which feature standard sizing.

Now that you know how to find great vintage style pieces, how to incorporate it into your wardrobe is another matter.  This is actually really the simple part once you have found that perfect vintage style piece.  The current fashion trends are so inclusive of vintage style that it actually works great to blend your vintage style pieces with modern trends.  That Mod Retro Tunic top looks great with leggings or boots.  A couple of good rules of thumb are be careful not overdo it with mixing patterns and styles unless you are really going for a bold look.  We also suggest that you should try start building out your vintage style wardrobe with a few key pieces that you love.  Work them into your wardrobe an then keep picking up great vintage style finds that you can include with your overall wardrobe over time.  Great vintage style clothing is like finding a great souvenir on that amazing trip you took last summer.  You can often find great styles and pieces that will have a great memory or association with them.  In short, we hope you will find that shopping for fabulous vintage style pieces is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and incorporate great styles that you may not see at the big box retailers every day.  We love it because it allows you to really add individual style to your wardrobe which is really what makes a difference in your closet.

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Mixed Pattern Fashion

Mixed pattern fashion is certainly not for everyone.  However, if you are feeling like stepping out in a bold way or are looking to make a fashion statement, then consider a few simple rules of thumb when selecting your patterns.  In our opinion, mixing patterns only works when you keep in mind one piece can be bold, but the other piece should be subtle.  Typically, offsetting bold patterns with solids or simple, subtle patterns can be a great way to truly incorporate your own fashion style in a bold way.   The more you can use solid colors as complements the better.   Also, be sure to avoid the cardinal rule of mixing patterns with colors that clash.

One of our favorite lines that incorporate a variety of patterns in elegant, feminine ways is Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  She uses lots of bold, bright patterns and offsets or complements them with accenting solid colors for trim or lining underneath.  Consider the Tie Short Dress by Sweet Pea.  This dress features a bold fuscia pink and brown floral pattern.  For contrast, she uses solid brown for the ties at the waist and in the bodice and around the neckline.  The effect of incorporating the contrast is that it helps to add a bit of simplicity to the bold pattern which helps create a more elegant, feminine look.

Consider also branching out into bolder colors and mixing them with non-traditional base colors like navy or brown.  For example, we love the look of brown with navy.  Of course you want the right shades to make it work, but these are colors we would never have thought pair well together, but we fell in love with the Annabelle top by designer AlixK which features a warm clay brown fabric accented with embroidered flowers in navy.  It looks stunning.  We also mix solid navy tops with reds, greens, corals, and greys.

When you’re trying to mix in different patterns with solid colors consider wearing accenting colored tank tops under patterned tops.  As an example, in the winter we wear navy or black long sleeve tops under the Cotton Stripe Tie Cardigan by Splendid.  Similarly, you could also wear a long Kelisha tank top by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer under the Variegated Stripe Loose Jersey Dress for contrast.

In short, when you are exercising your creative licenses with your wardrobe planning and if you feel like stepping out in a bold patterned look, be sure to offset patterns with solid colors as much as possible.  Be sure to stay within the realm of colors that work together and beware of mixing patterns with colors that clash.  Doubling patterns is not for the faint at heart, so whatever look you create be sure to wear it with confidence and make sure that you do feel confident enough to wear it.  There is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that you feel embarrassed to be seen in once you step out of the house.

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Indie and Vintage Clothing

The ease and convenience of shopping online has really transformed the search for indie and vintage clothing.  Shopping second hand or vintage stores used to be limited solely to in person shopping which of course would make shopping so much more difficult and tiring.  Honestly, I am always leery of shopping for second hand clothing online as you really never can fully examine the pieces to see their condition.  Not to mention that when you typically shop for true second hand clothing you are looking for bargains which make it more costly when you have to add in possible costs like shipping.  There are, however, a variety of online conveniences that have actually made shopping online easier certainly for indie clothing or clothing from unknown or upcoming designers and for vintage style clothing.  When you are looking for vintage style clothing be sure that you distinguish between used vintage clothing and new vintage style clothing.

At Vintage Fringe we always are on the lookout for indie designers, but with some basic standards.  For example, we don’t target one off pieces or designers with only one style as we typically like to have more breadth in our lines.  In addition, we like to have some standardization in sizing and frequently one off indie designers may not be able to offer that same consistency in sizing.  As an online only boutique, being able to offer as much sizing consistency as possible is an important part of providing a reliable customer experience.  Certainly there are variations in every line in terms of pieces that fit a little differently than others and we try to note that where applicable in our product descriptions.

All of our pieces at Vintage Fringe are brand new, but we always look for vintage style or vintage inspired elements within the lines and pieces that we carry.  Consider the vintage look of the Heart Button Cardigan by indie designer Joy Joy Clothing.  This great piece features adorable feminine elements and still has a retro, vintage look.  Alternatively, consider the Retro Boatneck Dress by Sweet Pea.  This piece is a great example of a retro or vintage looking pattern on a modern piece that is brand new and with consistent sizing.

Shopping online for indie or vintage clothing is actually far easier because of the ability to search for niche pieces or designers.  Such shopping would have been nearly impossible without the help of the internet, but now more and more niche designers and boutiques are starting online.  Don’t forget to also be sure and visit the many comparison shopping sites for online fashion to get good ideas of lines and designers you may want to browse in your vintage clothing hunt.  Such sites are really great ways to go window shopping from the convenience of your computer.  Be sure to check out online lookbooks at fashion sites for great styling ideas too.   In short, shopping for indie and vintage inspired clothing has really never been easier and more popular.  With these great hints, hopefully you will discover for yourself the conveniences of shopping for indie and vintage clothing online.

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Sweet Pea Tops

This spring or summer you will absolutely want to include a sexy Sweet Pea top.  Sweet Pea Tops by designer Stacy Frati are also a great way to introduce sophisticated patterns into your wardrobe.  The Sweet Pea line is known for fabulous patterns on almost every piece.  Of course you can also find Sweet Pea in solid colors, but the pattern is a Sweet Pea signature.  Stacy Frati designs great pieces in a classic nylon mesh fabric which is extremely forgiving and comfortable to wear.  It was designed to be breathable in humidity.  The Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati line hails from Miami where humidity can be a sweltering.  Stacy also designed the Sweet Pea line to be not only wearable but also versatile.  She wants each piece to be something that you can wear to the office or to the carpool.  Sweet Pea tops are also designed in many amazing feminine styles.  Here are few examples of these fabulous Sweet Pea tops with classic, beautiful patterns in a variety of feminine styles.

Consider the Bell Sleeve top by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati – This top features a beautiful black and fuscia filigree pattern with a wide solid fuscia accenting the narrow v neck.  True to its name the top features wide bell like sleeves that flare at the bottom of the sleeve.   Of course the signature nylon mesh fabric makes this top feel lightweight and comfortable.

For a great spring or summer top take a look at the Cap Sleeve Ruched Top by Sweet Pea.  This top features ruched or gathered fabric around the center of the bust in this top.  With a great element of contrast featuring a red contrasting fabric at the base of the v neck, this top incorporates lovely feminine touches.  We love the airy cap sleeve and the adorable navy nylon mesh fabric with a cute modern polka dot pattern.

Alternatively consider a great Sweet Pea tank for this summer.  Consider the Surplice V Neck Tank Top which we have in a couple of patterns the Wilma or the Felix.  The Wilma pattern features an ivory background with a dotted circle pattern in purple, teal blue and green pattern.  With purple accents around the neckline, we love the deep v neck look of the surplice neckline.  Alternatively, the Felix pattern features an elegant yellow background with a floral pattern featuring some flowers in sky blue and orange.  All of the flowers are outlined in black and of course the pattern also features a black accent around the neckline.

These are a few illustrations of how versatile and feminine the Sweet Pea line actually is.  Here are three tops that can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different temperatures.  We love layering the Sweet Pea tank under a blazer for a work meeting or wearing the Long Sleeve top with a cute skirt and boots during the winter.  In short, there are endless options for you to utilize a few great Sweet Pea tops in your wardrobe.

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Bohemian Tops

We love vintage inspired clothing and a variety of different styles.  At Vintage Fringe we are always on the look out for great retro styles that have been infused into new pieces with a vintage edge.  One vintage style trend is the bohemian trend.  What exactly is the bohemian trend or that bohemian look?  The easiest way to define it is to show you some great pieces that we think really represent this trend.  A lot of bohemian styles feature flared waists—you may see a lot of empire waists in bohemian pieces.  Much of it is traditional cotton or currently organic cotton.  You may see details like embroidery or ribbons weaved into the design of the top.  It may also include retro looking patterns or prints.  You have probably seen a lot of this look at Anthropologie or with their brand Free People and we love their stuff as well.  We have actually been inspired by some bohemian style pieces from great designer brands like Ella Moss and Sweet Pea.  Here are few great examples:

Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater – this great sweater features a wide v neck sweater with a tie belt at the waist.  With a great multi-color striped pattern at the shoulders and hem of the top and sleeves, this top really does exude a vintage inspired look.  This sweater is light enough that you can wear it in just about any season except summer.  We love the free spirited look that this sweater embodies and think this is a great representation of a bohemian top.

Ella Moss Camille Mandarin Collar Top – Another great bohemian style top from Ella Moss, the Camille top features a beautiful embroidery pattern around the neckline in front.  The mandarin collar also makes it distinctive along with the buttons in front allowing it to be a long v neck if you prefer.  Made of cotton shirting fabric, this top is light and airy.  With ¾ length sleeves which make it easy to wear just about all year long.

Sweet Pea Bohemian Tunic Top – Sweet Pea is known for designing great pieces with fabulous patterns that often have that vintage inspiration.  This top is no exception with a great retro pattern featuring brown accents at the hem and trim around the v neck and sleeves.  The pattern itself features several great colors in yellow, brown and a light red.  You’ll love the split v neck line and the ¾ length sleeves.  Sweet Pea’s fabric is a nylon mesh blend so it is ultra light and easy to wear.

These tops offer different elements of that bohemian top trend and we hope you love it as much as we do.  That retro look is certainly a great way to spruce up a stuffy wardrobe with more modern styles.  We love the ability to mix it up with these tops and wear them a variety of different ways allowing you to truly integrate that vintage style with a modern skirt or other modern fashion trends. You could easily rock any of these tops with boots or leggings depending on your preference.

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Clothes for Winter: Bundle Up in Style!

Clothes for Winter: Bundle Up in Style!It’s that time of year again when the seasons start to change and you start looking for the perfect pieces for Fall and Winter.  Overall, every good winter wardrobe should include at least a few of the following pieces to be trendy this season.  This winter some of the big trends include: cropped sweaters, long cardigans, tunic length tops or dresses, and leggings.  Here are a few of our favorite pieces at Vintage Fringe for great clothes for winter.

The Aspen Motorcycle Sweater by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer is absolutely one of our must haves this winter.  This cropped sweater features an off center zipper and zippered pockets.  We love the button detail at the shoulder and the wide collar with a zipper from top to bottom.  The cropped sweater look is totally in this season and we love it as it is such a modern feminine look.  We love pairing this top with a longer shirt underneath as contrasting shirt lengths are another great trend this season.

In the long cardigan category we love wearing both buttoned cardigans and loose cardigans.  One of our favorites is the Rayon Slub Jersey Cardigan by Splendid.  We love love love the fabric their rayon slub jersey feels absolutely luxurious and we love the flowing look of the cardigan in front.  For alternate looks we sometimes even knot the cardigan at the waist for a more fitted look.

One of our favorite tunic length dresses is the Retro Boatneck dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  We love the vintage pattern in vibrant colors and the tie around the waist that can tie in front or in back.  This dress is so versatile that it works year round with or without leggings.   With a boatneck neckline, this tunic is distinctive and a great addition to any wardrobe this season.

As for leggings, many people have avoided the trend, waiting to see how much staying power leggings had, but it is safe to say that this winter they are here to stay.  This season you’re even seeing denim leggings.  Leggings are a must have this winter and pair well with ballet flats or boots.  Our stylists recommend having a few pairs of leggings in staple colors like Black, Grey and then mix in other colors according to your color preferences.  We are always on the look out for navy and brown leggings too although they are more splurge colors than staples.   At Vintage Fringe, we’re partial to the Swoosie leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer currently available in both Grey and Black.

All of these winter clothes pair very well with boots which of course will be all the rage this winter.   You’ll see a lot of the knee high length boots this winter which will be the perfect complement to those cropped sweaters or tunic length dresses with or without leggings.  You can be sure that each of these pieces is modern, but is not going to be a fad for only one season, which in the current economy makes sprucing up your wardrobe with these pieces far more economical.

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Trendy Tanks from Sweet Pea by Staci Frati

I might be jumping the gun a bit to already be blogging about tank tops, but the weather is so beautiful today, I am feeling the need to feature some adorable designer tanks designed by Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea’s vivid patterns are a signature look at any time of the year but especially spring/summer these bold colors will help any gal stand out- in the best kind of way.

Sleeveless Front Tie Top by Sweet Pea

Sleeveless Front Tie Top by Sweet Pea

This Sleeveless Front Tie Top is adorable and the cut is really flattering on everyone.  I also really love this print- it is a dark navy background.  The neck ties make it fully adjustable and allows you to decide how to adjust the neckline.  As always this top is in Sweet Pea’s trademark mesh-nylon.

This solid blue 4-Tier  Ruffle Tank by Sweet Pea is favorite of mine.  While sweet pea mostly designs bold prints, this tank comes in solid blue (rain) or fuschia (cranapple).  I love how the 4-tiered ruffles makes this tank simple but trendy and feminine.  This tank is a perfect to stand alone piece but also looks great paired with a cardigan (see below).

Sweet Pea's 4 Tiered Ruffled Tank and The Rumba Puffsleeve Sweater by Laurie B

Sweet Pea's 4 Tiered Ruffled Tank and The Rumba Puffsleeve Sweater by Laurie B

Laurie ‘B.’s Puffsleeve Cardigan Sweater is one of my must have cardigans.  And I love the look of Sweet Pea’s Tank with it.  Find great designer tanks from Sweet Pea and other designers  at Vintage Fringe!!

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Sweet Pea Designs by Staci Frati

Sweet Pea Sleeveless Front Tie Tank

Sweet Pea's Sleeveless Front Tie Tank

Life is sweet for Sweet Pea’s designer and brainchild Stacy Frati.  This Miami based designer launched her first mesh top over 10 years ago because she felt “there was a void in the market for something very beautiful that could just be a day-into-night style blouse.” Few knew then that Staci’s nylon mesh line she titled “Sweet Pea” would become a landmark of feminine vintage-inspired clothing that could “fly by night”.

It is easy to go from day to night in this short sleeve v-neck by Wweet Pea

It's easy to go from day to night in this short sleeve v-neck by Sweet Pea

At Vintage Fringe we love how Sweet Pea designs can be worn not only in the boardroom with a suit but also on the beach with sandals.  Sweet Pea has also crafted its own niche with very feminine and flirty prints and designs that also have that Miami-inspired bohemian vibe as well.  The center of Sweet Pea’s trademark look is the nylon mesh fabric that transcends seasons as well as easily slipping from day to night.  At Vintage Fringe we love Sweet Pea for it’s bold colors and vibrant prints.  Pick your Sweet Pea designs at Vintage Fringe and get in gear for spring.

Sweet Pea's Dolman Sleeve Hoop Top

Sweet Pea's Dolman Sleeve Hoop Top

Sweet Pea's Orange and Black Dress

Sweet Pea's Orange and Black Dress

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