Bright Sleeveless Tops

Bright Sleeveless tops are a great way to add additional flair to your summer wardrobe.  Of course you can find bright sleeveless tops or bright tank tops in a variety of styles and made by a variety of different designers, but one of our favorite designers for such tops is Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  Stacy Frati is a clothing line made for warm weather and features a signature nylon fabric designed for warm, humid weather.  While of course you can find bright sleeveless tops in a variety of clothing lines, today we are going to discuss a few great options for bright sleeveless tops designed by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati because her line features lots of bold, bright patterns and colors which work wonderfully in summer weather.

First, the Hi-Lo Tank top is a great tank for summer.  This tank top features bright blues in a floral pattern on the top and then with an accent flower and ruffle in a contrasting blue polka dot pattern around the left shoulder.  This tank also flares at the waist and features a longer length in back than in front which gives rise to the Hi-Lo name and of course provides added detail on a feminine tank top.  This bright blue top features Sweet Pea’s Exhale pattern with Polka Dots.  This tank really brings us back to retro vintage styles with great floral patterns and polka dots and best of all, this piece is a great example of modern vintage inspired style.

Next, the 4 Tiered Ruffle Tank features at Vintage Fringe features solid colors and also showcases one of this season’s biggest fashion trends—Ruffles.  This Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati sleeveless top is a perfect illustration of simply feminine ruffles.  The ruffles are tiered on over each other with 4 tiers which gives the tank a sophisticated feminine look, but isn’t overdone. This top in Cranapple (Fuscia) and Rain (Lt. Blue) also has adjustable spaghetti straps.  The colors are bold and vibrant making them great statement pieces in your closet.

We also love the adorable pattern on the Criss Cross Tank top from Sweet Pea.  Here the mix of bright colors such as dark navy, lilac, light blue, and fuscia make this top a unique style with a feather pattern that isn’t too busy, but gives the top lots of detail and distinction. The criss cross at the bust and the empire waist that is so classic Sweet Pea and you can even see this similar style in the Surplice V Neck top.    This great tank from Sweet Pea features a bright, beautiful yellow background with a great black, orange Felix pattern.  With a black accent around the top of the top in front and back, this top is great at giving you a sexy summer look. The empire waist also makes this tank super feminine and it works well under a blazer.

As you can see, there are numerous great options for bright sleeveless tops that are sophisticated and classy without being over the top and tacky.

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Lace Tops for Spring

As the weather is warming up, finding great lace tops for spring is a great way to dress up your closet this season.   We love finding ways to incorporate lace from tops that are all lace to tops that use lace detail as trim or accents.  Here are a few of our favorites:

For a completely lace look consider the Lace Tank with a Pocket by designer Collective Concepts.  This designer tank top is reasonably priced at $55 and features a racerback and a pocket in front.  It is a sheer lace and is unlined so you will likely want to layer it over another tank, but we love the options to add a pop of color under the lace. Available in black with black trim, this tank top is super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

If you are looking for great tops that are accented with lace detail consider the Hollie Crew Top.  This top is a perfect spring top with the Bee yellow color and of course we love the lace detail around the neckline. The Hollie Crew Top is a great short sleeve spring top with lace accents which really make this top distinctive.  This top by designer Ella Moss is part of the Hollie Collection which also features similar lace detail around the neckline of the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress.  These lace accents are elegant ways to really add some added style to both the dress and the top.

We also love the Lace Trim Stripe tank by Collective Concepts as another top with lace detail.  Here the detail is also around the neckline and then wide contrasting stripes in either navy or red.  This tank is also a racerback and with a looser flared fit, this tank is a great spring / summer tank top that we love to wear.   Priced at $58 the Lace Trim Stripe Tank top is a great value for a designer tank top.  It is extremely comfortable and a great summer statement piece.

As you can see from these examples, there are a variety of great tops with lace accents or even solid lace depending on the style or look you are going for.  This season we are big fans of incorporating contrasting textures and accents on tops or dresses as ways to really add a pop of detail or “fringe” to basic or simple styles.  In the current economy, this is a great way to make sure your pieces last you far longer than one season and can help justify a higher price for the higher quality piece that is a great statement piece for your wardrobe.  In addition, there is nothing worse than snagging your lace top so having lace accents can help to increase the longevity of your top.   There are lots of different lace alternatives out there and lace is a great feminine fabric which really does make a statement in whatever style piece you choose.

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Spring Fashion Trends 2011

Spring is just around the corner and this spring you won’t want to miss out on a variety of great fashion trends that you may want to incorporate into your own wardrobe if they suit your individual style. Even if you ultimately don’t decide that some of these trends are for you, you will definitely want to know what is out there just in case.  In fact, as a shopper who considers myself fashion forward, I must admit sometimes I wait it out until I see some of these trends lasting beyond one season before I incorporate some of them into my wardrobe. So if nothing else, consider these trends for what you will and then utilize them as you see fit.

This spring you will continue to see the groundwork of a resurgence of neutrals and earth tones.   We think you will actually see more of these colors in the Fall of 2011, but we’re already seeing lots of khaki or white colors in jackets and wraps, cardigans, tops and dresses.   You will also see lots of these colors with a variety of patterns of stripes ranging from wide stripes to very narrow.  You’ll see a lot of neutral tones and stripes in accessories like bags, scarves and shoes.

One of the most popular styles this season for tops is the tie neck top.  These stylish tops can be found in a variety of fabrics although we’ve seen them primarily in sheer fabrics.  The tie neck top is a great retro look that is super feminine and yet another great way to incorporate the scarf trend that will continue to be prominent this spring.

As with the other accessories trends, the high-waisted belt will continue as a trend this spring and summer with more skinny / narrow belts instead of only seeing the super wide belts that are still prevalent.   Since I am generally not a proponent of the sewn in belt accessories, I think that having a few go to belts in basic accent colors and in different widths will be a stylish and economical way to spice up your wardrobe this spring.  You will also see lots of tie belts around the hips or even creating an empire waist line.

Bohemian style or peasant blouses will also be a must have for spring fashion this year.  These loose style tops come in a variety of styles featuring elements like ruffles, patterns, drawstrings around the neck or waist, embroidery, buttons, and much more.  The loose flowing look on top will continue to be popular and stylish this spring.

As for pants, the trend with skinny pants and leggings will of course continue this spring although with cropped lengths.  You will want to have a few pairs of basic colors of cropped length leggings and then once you’ve covered your bases spring for a couple of splurge accent colors for kicks.  You will also see a variety of long length skirts and long ruffled skirts that will be popular this season.   We’ve seen many of these long almost ankle length skirts or dresses with ruffled layers in bright spring colors like purples and corals which are going to be must have colors this spring.  In short, there are a variety of trends to observe and choose from when shopping this spring.  Regardless of what you see out there, be sure to make sure that whatever styles you incorporate we suggest finding your own voice in these styles to really help accent and create your own individual style because that is the number one most important piece to making every piece in your wardrobe a statement piece.

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Sweet Pea Tops

This spring or summer you will absolutely want to include a sexy Sweet Pea top.  Sweet Pea Tops by designer Stacy Frati are also a great way to introduce sophisticated patterns into your wardrobe.  The Sweet Pea line is known for fabulous patterns on almost every piece.  Of course you can also find Sweet Pea in solid colors, but the pattern is a Sweet Pea signature.  Stacy Frati designs great pieces in a classic nylon mesh fabric which is extremely forgiving and comfortable to wear.  It was designed to be breathable in humidity.  The Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati line hails from Miami where humidity can be a sweltering.  Stacy also designed the Sweet Pea line to be not only wearable but also versatile.  She wants each piece to be something that you can wear to the office or to the carpool.  Sweet Pea tops are also designed in many amazing feminine styles.  Here are few examples of these fabulous Sweet Pea tops with classic, beautiful patterns in a variety of feminine styles.

Consider the Bell Sleeve top by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati – This top features a beautiful black and fuscia filigree pattern with a wide solid fuscia accenting the narrow v neck.  True to its name the top features wide bell like sleeves that flare at the bottom of the sleeve.   Of course the signature nylon mesh fabric makes this top feel lightweight and comfortable.

For a great spring or summer top take a look at the Cap Sleeve Ruched Top by Sweet Pea.  This top features ruched or gathered fabric around the center of the bust in this top.  With a great element of contrast featuring a red contrasting fabric at the base of the v neck, this top incorporates lovely feminine touches.  We love the airy cap sleeve and the adorable navy nylon mesh fabric with a cute modern polka dot pattern.

Alternatively consider a great Sweet Pea tank for this summer.  Consider the Surplice V Neck Tank Top which we have in a couple of patterns the Wilma or the Felix.  The Wilma pattern features an ivory background with a dotted circle pattern in purple, teal blue and green pattern.  With purple accents around the neckline, we love the deep v neck look of the surplice neckline.  Alternatively, the Felix pattern features an elegant yellow background with a floral pattern featuring some flowers in sky blue and orange.  All of the flowers are outlined in black and of course the pattern also features a black accent around the neckline.

These are a few illustrations of how versatile and feminine the Sweet Pea line actually is.  Here are three tops that can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different temperatures.  We love layering the Sweet Pea tank under a blazer for a work meeting or wearing the Long Sleeve top with a cute skirt and boots during the winter.  In short, there are endless options for you to utilize a few great Sweet Pea tops in your wardrobe.

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Ella Moss Originals

Ella Moss is certainly on most people’s list of favorite designers!  We love many of their tops and wanted to highlight one of our best sellers.  The Skye Button Sleeve Scoop Neck top features a grey diagonal stripe on the white top or a black stripe on the slate grey fabric.

Ella Moss Sky Button Sleeve Top
Ella Moss Skye Button Sleeve Top

The stripe has a bit of a metallic shimmer to it.  The scoop neck is loose giving it a sultry look.  Of course we can’t forget the adorable buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves.  With a banded waist , this top is fitted, but not clingy–another perk.

Ella Moss Skye Button Top
Ella Moss Skye Button Top

We love it for all of these reasons, but mostly because it is certainly an original top that is sure to be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.  In the current economy, this top is perfect because it can be worn easily through Fall, Winter and Spring.

When it comes to designer women’s clothing, we love the look of Ella Moss and think that this top typifies one of the fashion trends in 2009 with the metallic shimmer strip.  It is totally in right now and with the cut and style of this top it exudes the perfect balance of distinction and sophistication.

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Vintage Style Sale

We’re putting Vintage Style on sale!  At Vintage Fringe we’re having a special 3 day only sale of 25% off every order!  The sale ends on Friday, Oct. 31, so be sure to get your order in while the sale lasts.

We also want to highlight one of our favorite pieces that is a bit of a throw back to the good fashion trends from the eighties with the patches on the sleeves.

Zooey Satin Patch Long Sleeve Top

Zooey Satin Patch Long Sleeve Top

You’ve likely seen the resurgent trend with patches on the sleeves of jackets, tops and sweaters, but here’s one that in our view takes the cake.  This Satin Patch Long Sleeve top by Zooey is a great combination of vintage style and fringe.  This soft long sleeve top is so comfortable, but what we really love is that it goes a step beyond and makes a statement with the contrasting yellow patches.  The perfect top for the individual in all of us.  It is one of our favorites from Zooey.  Did we mention it is also on sale!  Be sure and get yours today.

Don’t forget the 25% off every order ends on Friday, Oct. 31!

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