Are Leggings Still in Style?

If you are wondering if leggings are still in style the short answer is definitely yes.  You don’t have to look much further than the latest trends this past season including Leggings and the popularity of tunic length tops that pair so well with leggings.  Leggings are still in full swing and many people who previously sat on the sidelines with leggings wondering if they were a fad are finally embracing the benefits of incorporating leggings into their wardrobes.   If you’re still looking for great types of leggings or even just great ideas of how to incorporate leggings into your wardrobe today we wanted to give you a few great ideas of things you should consider when you are shopping for leggings.

First, you need to decide what your budget is.  If you are someone who still thinks that leggings are just a flash fad then you may be thinking that you’re not sure how much staying power they may have as a fashion trend.  Accordingly, you may only want to invest in leggings on the more economical side or low end to see if they are really that great or if you even like them.  We’re not going to say you can’t do this and it isn’t such a bad idea, but we would strongly encourage you to consider that you do generally get what you pay for so in our experience those leggings don’t last as long or fit as well.  We would encourage you to try at least 1 pair of good leggings that are in the $50 price range so that you can experience what good quality leggings are like to wear.  We are pretty sure that you will see that there is a difference and the advantages of the mid-range $50 pair of leggings are so worth it.

Next, you will want to decide on length.  You find a variety of lengths, but they primarily fall into the camp of long (roughly ) or short (mid-knee or higher).  Honestly, the main determinant here is your preference.  The long length works so well with things like boots or in colder weather when you don’t want that much skin exposed.  The shorter length works great with things like dresses or shorter tunic length tops.  The shorter length is more popular for warmer weather and looks adorable with sandals and ballet flats.   At Vintage Fringe we love to wear leggings made by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Their leggings are great quality and are on the reasonable end of price and can generally be found at retailers between $50-65.  We love their Swoozie leggings for the longer length or the Ritzy leggings for the shorter length.  Both are made of great quality jersey cotton and fit extremely well.  The waist band s properly sewn and they are thick enough fabrics that they don’t run or snag easily.  The Ritzy legging is a slightly thinner fabric made from Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper fabric, but is still thick enough to be good quality.

Finally, the final decision can sometimes be the hardest—what color?  Here you have to take into account your own preferences and existing wardrobe, but consider a few pointers as you decide on colors.  When you are starting to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe it is always a good idea to think about it in terms of basics.  Any good stylist will tell you that you always start basic and work your way into splurge colors or pieces over time.  So with that in mind you will want to start with basic black.  You really need at least one pair of basic black if not a couple because you can make black work with just about anything.  Next I would add in a good grey or brown color depending on whether you primarily wear cool or warm colors.  Once you have a few of these colors in your closet then you can add in accent colors like blues, reds or other perk colors.

As you can see these are our rules of the road when shopping for leggings.  You will find that getting the right pair of leggings can make all the difference when you try to add it into your wardrobe.  Hopefully these suggestions have helped to give you a few good ideas for how you can find the right pair of leggings for your budget, wardrobe and individual style.

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Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings have quickly become essential elements of the modern fashion wardrobe.   You frequently see them with skirts, tunic length tops, and dresses and they work perfectly with high boots, regular boots or even ballet slippers.  The look of an outfit with leggings or tights has become a fashion staple and is certainly something that you will want to consider when you think of great ways to incorporate this trend into your own wardrobe.

At Vintage Fringe, we currently sell leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer and have found them to be a great quality, fashionable legging.  You really do get what you pay for with leggings and what we love is the fabric and fit quality with the Swoozie Legging by Velvet.  These leggings are part of Velvet’s baby jersey collection so they are very soft and comfortable to wear.  Currently available at Vintage Fringe in great basic colors like Black and Grey, these leggings are long and work perfectly with boots.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of leggings you will want to be sure and consider both long and cropped leggings.  We love them both with different styles of outfits.  Cropped leggings are perfect for warmer weather and look adorable with ballet flats. Especially cute under shorter dresses, these leggings are great staple leggings that you will want to have in a few basic colors.

Tights are great accessories too, but personally I prefer leggings because they last longer.  Inevitably, I snag the tights or get a run in them, so when I have the option I prefer leggings.  You may also want to consider Spanx which has tights with panty hose like features like control tops.

When you are shopping for leggings, you will want to be sure and get a few pairs in staple colors.  Of course you will want a pair of leggings in black.  You cannot go wrong with black and just like any other fashion piece you will always default to the basic black.  My second choice for getting into leggings is either a grey or brown.  Both are colors that accessorize well with all sorts of other colors.  Grey pairs wonderfully with purples, reds and blues and of course works well with blacks.  I love the look of grey leggings with a black dress and black boots.   A good basic brown works perfectly with warmer colors like taupe, other shades of brown, pinks, whites, and some red or blue shades.  Once you have covered the basic colors, then we suggest adding other splurge colors like navy or purple that may not go with everything you have, but fits exactly with that one outfit.

As you can see, we have really come to embrace the tights and leggings trend and think that it really is a trend that is here to stay.  The distinctive look of adding leggings or tights to an outfit is a look that we have really come to love and think you will find that leggings are a great comfortable way to incorporate a little added edge into your wardrobe.

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