What to Wear with This Season’s Denim

When you’re trying to determine what to wear with denim this season it can be a difficult task to keep up with the current fashion trends.  To help make it easier to figure out what to pair with your clothing today we’re going to include some great rules of thumb to help make sure you look stylish.  At the outset, denim is one of those pieces that literally goes with just about anything.  Denim has become the mainstay for most casual clothing and depending on the occasion is becoming more and more prevalent at events where denim used to be strictly off limits.  We do still think that like my mother taught me there still some places where as much as we would love to wear denim, it shouldn’t go to the theatre or as a general rule of thumb where people are performing and we definitely love the opportunity to dress up as the occasion permits.  With that in mind, you should look at denim pieces as true investment pieces in your clothing wardrobe and make sure that you do have at least one pair of up to date denim in your closet.  You can really wear almost anything with denim and we suggest that you include a few basic rules of thumb when you put together your tops with your denim.

First one of the big themes with denim this season is the darker wash.  The deep blue colors can even be so dark to look navy blue at a minimum and almost black.  In fact, you do even see some of the faded black or grey colored denim out there as well.  With these dark colors, you will want to find great tops in colors that are great contrast.  Consider deep greens or coral colors that are very popular this season.  You will also see lots of lighter blues and purple or plum colors that are great contrasts with deep blue colors for denim.

Our next tip is for longer length tops.  One big trend in denim is skinny jeans.  The tapered leg look has even transcended into “jeggings” or jean leggings.  This skinny jeans look opens the door for tops that are tunic length which are a great complement to the slimmer look around the ankle.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a pair of jeggings, tunic tops can also work with other denim styles depending on what shoes or boots you pair them with.  Tunic tops are great versatile pieces that can work with some skirts and leggings in addition to jeans or jeggings or even denim capris.   You’ll even find longer length sweaters again this season and they look great with sliming denim and boots.

In short, you really can’t go wrong with denim, but if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve we think that you’ll find the contrasting colors and tunic length tops as great complements to the latest denim trends.  Ultimately, as with all trends, you want to make sure that whatever you wear it fits with your own personal style and be sure to stay true to that no matter what the fashion trends of the day dictate.

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New Fashion Trends for 2011

When you are shopping this year you will want to be mindful of the latest new fashion trends for 2011 and be on the lookout for great ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe and individual style.  Today we’re going to highlight a new trend in style of tops, trends in lengths and trends in color and patterns.

As for style trends for tops you will see looser fits.  Lots of wide, long tops ranging from the retro Flashdance inspired baggy sweatshirt top that you can rock with leggings or jeans or jeggings as they will still be popular.  You will see tops that are tunic length and many that are wider in the waist and shoulders giving you a distinctive look from the short fitted tops of seasons past.  You will also find peasant blouses back in full steam this year.  Frilly lightweight, sheer fabrics with solid colors or patterns with ruffles and/or ties at the waist will be big this upcoming season.

Another trend that you will continue to see this season is the popularity of cropped jackets.  This trend is working its way into sweaters with lots of cropped sweaters and cardigans for your more casual attire.   Cropped jackets or blazers adorned with epaulets, buttons, zippers and many more accent details will be all the rage this season.  You’ll see the magazines showcase these jackets with long tops underneath and often over leggings or skinny jeans.  Of course, you will want to work these into your wardrobe as you like to fit your own individual style, but this short cropped length is a big trend this season.

In 2011 you are sure to see lots of great patterns ranging from python prints or floral patterns all the way to more subtle infusions of tie dye.  You’ll most definitely want to look for great tops with the patterns that suit your individual style.   This season bright colors will be popular. Be on the lookout for coral colors, blues and purples.  You will also see lots of clothing utilizing shimmer and shine with the use of fabrics instead of more matte fabrics and colors.  Satins, sequins and sheer are our rule of thumb this season.  Patterns will range from distinctive animal prints like python to bold floral patterns, lots of elements of tie dye patterns and of course stripes in a host of great fabrics and distinctive style tops.

Of course how you choose to utilize these trends is completely up to you, but we think you’ll find having a piece or two that fit these trends will help spruce up your wardrobe for 2011.  Also don’t think that you will have to spend a small fortune on these fashion trends.  In keeping with the prior year trends you’ll see these trends implemented in the high end lines as well as in the more economical lines so it won’t simply be a trend you see on the runway.   We recommend investing in a few great pieces with these trends that you can wear for years to come.

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