How to Wear Scarves

With the resurgence of scarves as a fashion trend that is here to stay for a while means that we all need to know how to wear them.  Of course we all know that you can wear them just loose around your neck and open in front, you can wear them looped around the neck, and you can wear them with a loose knot in front and truly that is just a few of the possible options of how to wear them.   In addition, we will also discuss some of the dos and don’ts with wearing scarves.

Personally my favorite style to wear a scarf is a loose loop around the neck.  With a long scarf you fold the scarf in half.  Holding the scarf at both ends, then you pull the loose ends through the folded end to give you a comfortable, loose loop around the neck.  This style gives you the elegant long scarf look and still keeps the scarf in place.  I prefer this because it keeps everything in place rather than having to constantly readjust it all day.  Of course, you have to wear it the way that suits your preferences, but you really do have a variety of options and it is hard to go wrong.  Unlike the scarf trend in the 80s, you will want long scarves rather than the then popular short scarf.  Also, you won’t need a book to teach you different folds to wear or style your scarf.  The stylish look this time around is long and loose which trust me is a blessing.

As for dos and don’ts, you will want to follow a few simple guidelines in shopping for and looking for good scarf attire.  First, you will want to find whatever style of scarf suits your fancy.  Perhaps it is a striped pattern, a frilly style or even a simple solid color.  Whatever your preference, you really can’t go wrong.  Again, keep in mind that the goal is length.  You want to find a scarf that is long enough to wrap and then consider your own closet to decide what color or style would work best for you.  We recommend starting with a couple of good basic colors.  Normally we suggest basic blacks as the best starting point, but in this case since you are working with an accessory you will want to add in a complement or accent color.  Pastels are in this season.  We even love the white scarf although it does make it more challenging to keep clean.

As for what to wear them with, our rule of thumb is think of the basic rules of wearing a necklace.  This means you probably wouldn’t wear it over a turtleneck and you probably would wear it with a scoop neck, v neck, button-up top or crew neckline.   Bottom line, this scarf trend is something you wear practically year round and clearly not just with a winter coat.  Many of the don’ts are basic common sense.  You don’t wear a striped scarf with a striped shirt.  We don’t think a scarf really fits with hoodies and again you just need to consider the necklace rule and if there is already a lot going on around your neckline, then you will want to avoid adding to it.   Lastly one question we often hear is do you wear a scarf in the summer?  Our advice is generally no, but that is not to say that some people have incorporated that into their own style and like it and it works, but as a general rule we would say wear your scarves in spring, summer, and winter, but let your scarf take a break in summer.

Let us know what you think?  Are scarves an ok trend for summer?

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Stylish Winter Clothes

During colder weather it is easy to get mired down with lots of layers that keep you bundled up and warm, but sometimes it is nice to break out into stylish winter clothes so that you still manage to maintain that flirty, feminine look.  Here are a few great winter clothes ideas to help snap you out of the winter clothing doldrums.

Consider the sweater.  A piece that you certainly need to wear in the winter and there are some great ways to find stylish sweaters that are not frumpy or plain and will help spice up your winter wardrobe. Take for example the Aspen Motorcycle sweater by Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  A great retro inspired piece the Aspen Motorcycle sweater is a cropped sweater featuring a fold over neck along with an off center zipper from top to bottom.  We also love the great zipper details on the pockets and the epaulets on the shoulders with matching black buttons.  An adorable sweater that is certain to be a staple piece in your wardrobe. This sweater style is a must have for cold winters and this sweater is so warm and cozy and still looks super stylish on.

Another winter staple is the turtleneck.  Turtlenecks have really become timeless pieces that really never fade completely out of style.  While the basic concept of the turtleneck is fairly standard between tops, but you really can find a variety of different details or accents that make them very distinctive.  Consider the Catelina Turtleneck by Velvet with pleats at the neckline.  This turtleneck features a baby jersey cotton and the turtleneck does stay in place better than other turtleneck styles and we adore the pleats which give a basic style a little added feminine touch.   Compare that turtleneck to the Discharge turtleneck by AlixK or the similar Cappy short sleeve turtleneck also by AlixK.  These turtlenecks feature a gathered turtleneck that also stays in place, but creates a beautiful feminine touch on an otherwise plain turtleneck.  AlixK is known for their hand embroidery detailing every top and we love the added details like the darts that give added stylish accents to basic style tops.

Another great example of stylish winter clothes is various designs of wrap sweaters.  We love the Audrey wrap sweater by designer Laurie B.  This sweater is a lightweight fabric blend that feels luxuriously soft.  The fabric includes a cashmere and viscose blend so it feels silky soft on.  The wrap is a faux wrap but with a contrasting tie around the waist that gives it added depth and a subtle feminine touch.  Wraps as a whole are a great piece for your winter wardrobe and you will see them in a variety of styles and colors.

In short, these are simply a few examples of great ways to insert stylish winter clothes into your wardrobe.  Of course you can find a variety of wonderful stylish pieces for colder weather that really do give you great feminine styles to incorporate into your wardrobe you just have to look for them.  Don’t forget to accessorize any of your favorite winter pieces with scarves or cute hats as appropriate as great economical ways to bring in added depth and style to your winter clothes.

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Velvet Clothing Inaugural Style

It’s no secret that we love Velvet Clothing and think their brand is right at the top of the list in terms of creating feminine style tops that are fashionable and comfortable all in one.  In light of the the recent Inauguration and as a tribute to a fashion color trend that Michelle Obama made popular with her Inaugural outfit we want to highlight a top by Velvet Clothing that we currently carry in the Lemongrass color.

Velvet Clothing Coley Turtleneck in Lemongrass

Velvet Clothing Coley Turtleneck in Lemongrass

Velvet’s Coley turtleneck top is perfect for this time of year as it is still too chilly to wear basic short sleeve tops, but the elbow length sleeve gives enough coverage to keep you temperate if you wear this under a blazer or jacket and yet if you have to take that top layer off, it still keeps much of your arm covered.  It is a turtleneck, but not a tight one; it features a raw edge at the top, so it is looser than most turtlenecks and should just lay naturally.

This Velvet by Graham and Spencer top is perfect for the in-between seasons when it isn’t warm enough to wear short sleeves and tanks alone, but yet not cold enough to warrant a heavy sweater.  Part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection this season, this light weight top is available at Vintage Fringe in Lemongrass as shown here as well as Cherrywood (Red), Sprig (Light Brown), and Brimstone (Grey).  We love the lemongrass color because it is so sunny and unique.  In addition, it is great for contrasting under  black, grey and even navy.   The Coley turtleneck is machine washable and the jersey fabric is super soft and so comfortable to wear!

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Velvet Brand Clothing Popular Patterns

This season Velvet Brand clothing has a variety of tops with patterns that are so popular.  Continuing with our blog themes of patterns and turtlenecks, we wanted to discuss this Ceann turtleneck and what made it “fringeworthy.” The style of this top is distinctive.  To be more specific, this Ceann turtleneck top from Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a variety of details that make this an excellent addition to any wardrobe.  The pattern available here with Plum and Ivory is extremely striking.

Velvet Brand Clothing

Velvet Brand Clothing

In our opinion, it is the perfect way to wear the ever popular plum color this season.  What we love even more is that the style of top is just as striking with flared cuffs at the end of the sleeves.  A twist in many Velvet brand clothing tops, both the cuffs and the turtleneck are slightly gathered giving it a flared, flowing look.  We also love that they aren’t tight, which when it comes to turtlenecks is never a plus.  We love the 3/4 length sleeve another part of the fabulous style of Velvet brand clothing.  We also love the loose fit at the waist continuing that fluid look a nice change of pace from many of those tight fitted tops.  The fabric here is absolutely amazing as well.  Made with a Rayon Spandex blend, this fabric is luxuriously soft and feels absolutely amazing on.  This is the first of several patterns from Velvet by Graham and Spencer that you’ll see here at Vintage Fringe.  A welcome style trend that you’ll find this season.

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