Empire Waist Tops for Fall

Empire Waist Tops are the perfect style of top to help create that classy feminine look since they do accentuate your bust line. However, sometimes the empire waist look can be unflattering if the loose or flared waist line makes you look pregnant.  In the quest to find that perfect empire waist top while also looking figure flattering, here are a few of our ideas of a few good empire waist tops.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Vevina Long Sleeve Empire Waist Top – A simple, yet classy empire waist top with a loose, but not flared waist.  This top won’t create that pregnant poof at the waist line and features a complementing feminine v neck accented by buttons at the base of the v neck and on the cuffs of the sleeves.  It is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection and consequently made of baby jersey cotton which makes it very soft and comfortable.

Ella Moss Costa Puff Sleeve V Neck – Another great empire waist top that is figure flattering available in Soot, a smokey purple color that is so popular this season.  With pleats around the v neck, a cinched center and puff sleeves, this top is anything but ordinary.  The empire waist line is subtle, but gives this top an elegant look.  The waist below the empire waist line is only slightly flared avoiding the unflattering look.

AlixK Discharge Long Sleeve Turtleneck – An up-in-coming designer with a penchant for feminine touches and details to all of their tops, this collection by AlixK features their amazing silk cotton fabric blend which feels super luxurious (which we are so grateful is machine washable by the way).  Part of AlixK’s signature look is the great embroidery work which is hand-made.  The Discharge turtleneck is great because it is gathered so it doesn’t flop over or need readjusting throughout the day.  Again this empire waist top is distinctive, but isn’t overly flared to give it an unflattering look.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Piree Ruched V Neck – Part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection, this lighter weight cotton fabric is another illustration of a flattering, subtle empire waist top.  With ruching around the bustline adding another element of femininity, this top features a wide v neck and a subtle flared waist.  We love the Magnolia purple color too.

In short, in the debate about whether empire waist tops are flattering or not, we side with flattering.  If you find the right empire waist top, the look can be very flattering and oh so feminine.  Understandably, they may not work for every body type, but our point is that you can find the right empire waist tops that don’t make you look pudgy or pregnant.  We love the fluid feminine look of loose empire waist tops too and you can also find many of them when you’re shopping, but for those of you who are searching for the flattering empire waist top, don’t despair, they do exist and they are great feminine pieces for your wardrobe.

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