White Blouses and Tops

I love white blouses and tops.  So much so that my sister even makes fun of me because of the number of white tops I have in my closet.  In my mind, few things are better than a white top that is so versatile it really can go with just about anything and I love the look with my skintone.  Luckily for me, this season the white top is even more en vogue and is really a must have in your closet.

The white top is an essential staple in your closet because they really can be timeless pieces that work seamlessly in your wardrobe from season to season.  They can be worn underneath cardigans or wraps or as standalone statement pieces in your closet.  Consider a few of my favorite white blouses in different styles that will give you a variety of alternatives for your wardrobe and your individual style.

First, check out the Darvey top by Velvet a great long tunic length top in baby jersey cotton, this top in white features long buttons down the center of the top.  A great top to wear over a Kelisha long tank by Velvet for added contrast and even works great over leggings.  This top is distinctive and a perfect blend of casual and yet classy.  As we mentioned it is available in white, but also brown and green.

Next up consider the Pintuck Empire top by designer Zooey by Alice Heller.  This great top features contrasting textures of shirting cotton or cotton voile and jersey cotton.  With an empire waist for added feminine touches, this top features buttons in front as an added detail element.  The top features the cotton voile for accents around the base of the sleeves and around the neckline.  The sleeves have a slight flare to them and the waist is slightly flared giving this top a fluid bohemian style look.  It is a great casual piece that can also be dressed up when necessary.

Finally, consider the Bermuda V Neck Stripe Top by designer Ella Moss as a great top with a hint of color.  This top features yet another style with a fitted waistband and a v neck with contrasting stripes in smokey purple, orange and yellow colors.  The v neck features a knot at the center giving it a gathered look in front for added distinction.  This top is a rayon blend so it is ultra soft and comfortable to wear.  It is a great way to mix in a touch of color with the basic white top.

All of these tops are great white staple tops, but each of them has their own bit of flare or fringe to make them each distinctive and depending on your individual style these examples are great ways to incorporate that basic white top or blouse into your closet.  In my opinion you really can’t have enough white tops in your closet and I would be the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with having a number of go to white tops in your closet.

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Sweet Pea Tops

This spring or summer you will absolutely want to include a sexy Sweet Pea top.  Sweet Pea Tops by designer Stacy Frati are also a great way to introduce sophisticated patterns into your wardrobe.  The Sweet Pea line is known for fabulous patterns on almost every piece.  Of course you can also find Sweet Pea in solid colors, but the pattern is a Sweet Pea signature.  Stacy Frati designs great pieces in a classic nylon mesh fabric which is extremely forgiving and comfortable to wear.  It was designed to be breathable in humidity.  The Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati line hails from Miami where humidity can be a sweltering.  Stacy also designed the Sweet Pea line to be not only wearable but also versatile.  She wants each piece to be something that you can wear to the office or to the carpool.  Sweet Pea tops are also designed in many amazing feminine styles.  Here are few examples of these fabulous Sweet Pea tops with classic, beautiful patterns in a variety of feminine styles.

Consider the Bell Sleeve top by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati – This top features a beautiful black and fuscia filigree pattern with a wide solid fuscia accenting the narrow v neck.  True to its name the top features wide bell like sleeves that flare at the bottom of the sleeve.   Of course the signature nylon mesh fabric makes this top feel lightweight and comfortable.

For a great spring or summer top take a look at the Cap Sleeve Ruched Top by Sweet Pea.  This top features ruched or gathered fabric around the center of the bust in this top.  With a great element of contrast featuring a red contrasting fabric at the base of the v neck, this top incorporates lovely feminine touches.  We love the airy cap sleeve and the adorable navy nylon mesh fabric with a cute modern polka dot pattern.

Alternatively consider a great Sweet Pea tank for this summer.  Consider the Surplice V Neck Tank Top which we have in a couple of patterns the Wilma or the Felix.  The Wilma pattern features an ivory background with a dotted circle pattern in purple, teal blue and green pattern.  With purple accents around the neckline, we love the deep v neck look of the surplice neckline.  Alternatively, the Felix pattern features an elegant yellow background with a floral pattern featuring some flowers in sky blue and orange.  All of the flowers are outlined in black and of course the pattern also features a black accent around the neckline.

These are a few illustrations of how versatile and feminine the Sweet Pea line actually is.  Here are three tops that can be worn in a variety of different ways and in a variety of different temperatures.  We love layering the Sweet Pea tank under a blazer for a work meeting or wearing the Long Sleeve top with a cute skirt and boots during the winter.  In short, there are endless options for you to utilize a few great Sweet Pea tops in your wardrobe.

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How to Wear Scarves

With the resurgence of scarves as a fashion trend that is here to stay for a while means that we all need to know how to wear them.  Of course we all know that you can wear them just loose around your neck and open in front, you can wear them looped around the neck, and you can wear them with a loose knot in front and truly that is just a few of the possible options of how to wear them.   In addition, we will also discuss some of the dos and don’ts with wearing scarves.

Personally my favorite style to wear a scarf is a loose loop around the neck.  With a long scarf you fold the scarf in half.  Holding the scarf at both ends, then you pull the loose ends through the folded end to give you a comfortable, loose loop around the neck.  This style gives you the elegant long scarf look and still keeps the scarf in place.  I prefer this because it keeps everything in place rather than having to constantly readjust it all day.  Of course, you have to wear it the way that suits your preferences, but you really do have a variety of options and it is hard to go wrong.  Unlike the scarf trend in the 80s, you will want long scarves rather than the then popular short scarf.  Also, you won’t need a book to teach you different folds to wear or style your scarf.  The stylish look this time around is long and loose which trust me is a blessing.

As for dos and don’ts, you will want to follow a few simple guidelines in shopping for and looking for good scarf attire.  First, you will want to find whatever style of scarf suits your fancy.  Perhaps it is a striped pattern, a frilly style or even a simple solid color.  Whatever your preference, you really can’t go wrong.  Again, keep in mind that the goal is length.  You want to find a scarf that is long enough to wrap and then consider your own closet to decide what color or style would work best for you.  We recommend starting with a couple of good basic colors.  Normally we suggest basic blacks as the best starting point, but in this case since you are working with an accessory you will want to add in a complement or accent color.  Pastels are in this season.  We even love the white scarf although it does make it more challenging to keep clean.

As for what to wear them with, our rule of thumb is think of the basic rules of wearing a necklace.  This means you probably wouldn’t wear it over a turtleneck and you probably would wear it with a scoop neck, v neck, button-up top or crew neckline.   Bottom line, this scarf trend is something you wear practically year round and clearly not just with a winter coat.  Many of the don’ts are basic common sense.  You don’t wear a striped scarf with a striped shirt.  We don’t think a scarf really fits with hoodies and again you just need to consider the necklace rule and if there is already a lot going on around your neckline, then you will want to avoid adding to it.   Lastly one question we often hear is do you wear a scarf in the summer?  Our advice is generally no, but that is not to say that some people have incorporated that into their own style and like it and it works, but as a general rule we would say wear your scarves in spring, summer, and winter, but let your scarf take a break in summer.

Let us know what you think?  Are scarves an ok trend for summer?

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Bohemian Tops

We love vintage inspired clothing and a variety of different styles.  At Vintage Fringe we are always on the look out for great retro styles that have been infused into new pieces with a vintage edge.  One vintage style trend is the bohemian trend.  What exactly is the bohemian trend or that bohemian look?  The easiest way to define it is to show you some great pieces that we think really represent this trend.  A lot of bohemian styles feature flared waists—you may see a lot of empire waists in bohemian pieces.  Much of it is traditional cotton or currently organic cotton.  You may see details like embroidery or ribbons weaved into the design of the top.  It may also include retro looking patterns or prints.  You have probably seen a lot of this look at Anthropologie or with their brand Free People and we love their stuff as well.  We have actually been inspired by some bohemian style pieces from great designer brands like Ella Moss and Sweet Pea.  Here are few great examples:

Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater – this great sweater features a wide v neck sweater with a tie belt at the waist.  With a great multi-color striped pattern at the shoulders and hem of the top and sleeves, this top really does exude a vintage inspired look.  This sweater is light enough that you can wear it in just about any season except summer.  We love the free spirited look that this sweater embodies and think this is a great representation of a bohemian top.

Ella Moss Camille Mandarin Collar Top – Another great bohemian style top from Ella Moss, the Camille top features a beautiful embroidery pattern around the neckline in front.  The mandarin collar also makes it distinctive along with the buttons in front allowing it to be a long v neck if you prefer.  Made of cotton shirting fabric, this top is light and airy.  With ¾ length sleeves which make it easy to wear just about all year long.

Sweet Pea Bohemian Tunic Top – Sweet Pea is known for designing great pieces with fabulous patterns that often have that vintage inspiration.  This top is no exception with a great retro pattern featuring brown accents at the hem and trim around the v neck and sleeves.  The pattern itself features several great colors in yellow, brown and a light red.  You’ll love the split v neck line and the ¾ length sleeves.  Sweet Pea’s fabric is a nylon mesh blend so it is ultra light and easy to wear.

These tops offer different elements of that bohemian top trend and we hope you love it as much as we do.  That retro look is certainly a great way to spruce up a stuffy wardrobe with more modern styles.  We love the ability to mix it up with these tops and wear them a variety of different ways allowing you to truly integrate that vintage style with a modern skirt or other modern fashion trends. You could easily rock any of these tops with boots or leggings depending on your preference.

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Empire Waist Tops for Fall

Empire Waist Tops are the perfect style of top to help create that classy feminine look since they do accentuate your bust line. However, sometimes the empire waist look can be unflattering if the loose or flared waist line makes you look pregnant.  In the quest to find that perfect empire waist top while also looking figure flattering, here are a few of our ideas of a few good empire waist tops.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Vevina Long Sleeve Empire Waist Top – A simple, yet classy empire waist top with a loose, but not flared waist.  This top won’t create that pregnant poof at the waist line and features a complementing feminine v neck accented by buttons at the base of the v neck and on the cuffs of the sleeves.  It is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection and consequently made of baby jersey cotton which makes it very soft and comfortable.

Ella Moss Costa Puff Sleeve V Neck – Another great empire waist top that is figure flattering available in Soot, a smokey purple color that is so popular this season.  With pleats around the v neck, a cinched center and puff sleeves, this top is anything but ordinary.  The empire waist line is subtle, but gives this top an elegant look.  The waist below the empire waist line is only slightly flared avoiding the unflattering look.

AlixK Discharge Long Sleeve Turtleneck – An up-in-coming designer with a penchant for feminine touches and details to all of their tops, this collection by AlixK features their amazing silk cotton fabric blend which feels super luxurious (which we are so grateful is machine washable by the way).  Part of AlixK’s signature look is the great embroidery work which is hand-made.  The Discharge turtleneck is great because it is gathered so it doesn’t flop over or need readjusting throughout the day.  Again this empire waist top is distinctive, but isn’t overly flared to give it an unflattering look.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Piree Ruched V Neck – Part of Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper collection, this lighter weight cotton fabric is another illustration of a flattering, subtle empire waist top.  With ruching around the bustline adding another element of femininity, this top features a wide v neck and a subtle flared waist.  We love the Magnolia purple color too.

In short, in the debate about whether empire waist tops are flattering or not, we side with flattering.  If you find the right empire waist top, the look can be very flattering and oh so feminine.  Understandably, they may not work for every body type, but our point is that you can find the right empire waist tops that don’t make you look pudgy or pregnant.  We love the fluid feminine look of loose empire waist tops too and you can also find many of them when you’re shopping, but for those of you who are searching for the flattering empire waist top, don’t despair, they do exist and they are great feminine pieces for your wardrobe.

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