Designer Tee Shirts

designer tee shirtsTee shirts are always a great go to item particularly during summer when you often just need something you can throw on without putting in much thought.  Tee shirts are always a great casual alternative and finding designer tee shirts can be a no brainer when you factor in their style and great quality.

You can find tee shirts in a variety of styles including v necks, scoop necks, button ups, polos and basic crewnecks.  Some of our favorite designer tees include those from Alternative Apparel.  You will find many of the popular “boyfriend” tee styles that include polos color contrast to give each piece added depth and more detail than just your basic plan white tee.

The Alternative Apparel Heather Ringer Tee features a great heathered fabric that is ultra soft cotton and feels comfy and casual all rolled into one.  This same tee is available at Vintage Fringe in an army green color or a dark brown.  This tee features a crew neck and basic tee shirt style, but with great colors and fabrics and high quality.  This tee style is also available in the Basic Ringer Tee as well, but features alternative colors such as white with black trim around the collar and sleeves or a powder blue with red trim.  This features a basic cotton fabric and is a great everyday tee alternative that isn’t just your basic white tee.

Another option for designer tee shirts include tees with patterns or prints such as the Alternative Apparel Rainbow Basic crew.  This top features a great vintage style fabric in off-white with blue trim around the collar and a muted rainbow pattern on the front.  It is a great comfortable designer tee shirt that is of course not the simple basic white tee either.

Finally, there are a number of great designer tee shirt options with stripe patterns.  You’ll see wide stripes, narrow stripes and different types of contrast whether it be white contrasting colors or two tones of the same colors as possibilities.  The Stripe V Neck by Alternative Apparel or the Heather Stripe School Girl tees features great tee shirts that are a bit more dressed up than the typical crewneck tee.  They each feature colored stripes contrasted with lighter white shades and then trim around the collar or sleeves that utilize that solid color.  The Stripe V Neck is available in a Milk Chocolate brown color stripe and alternatively the Heather Stripe School Girl top which features a polo collar neckline and buttons in the front is available in Fern Green, Rose Pink and Linen Tan.

As you can see you can find great designer tee shirt alternatives that are all reasonably priced without sacrificing on great fabrics, quality or style.  Complete with distinctive necklines, colors and styles each of these tees are great examples of how you can find great designer tee shirts without breaking the bank or much sacrifice.  These are great tops that can all work well with jeans or even the right style of skirt this summer.

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