Vintage Lace Dress

Lace has never really gone out of style, but this season you will find lace detailing on a number of our favorite dresses.  Lace is a great element utilized on vintage dresses, but best of all one of our favorite fashion trends is to incorporate vintage elements into modern day fashions and finding a vintage inspired lace dress is no exception.  Of course adding lace to a dress is also a great way to make a dress even more feminine.  Such embellishments can really transform a dress.  We love the lace accents that really can make a simple style standout or can make a dress even more feminine and soft. Lace can come in a number of patterns and colors and styles so there are a wide assortment of different ways to incorporate lace into a great dress.   Consider a few of these great examples of stylish lace touches that really make these dresses more feminine and elegant.

A summer favorite the Oma Cap Sleeve Dress by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer features a lace embellishment around the bust and around the hem of the dress.  This lace detail brings a great pattern and style to an elegant dress and style.  It really transforms the dress from simple and elegant to sophisticated and dressy. The flirty cap sleeve provides an added touch of feminine flair to the dress and combined with the lace detail around the neckline makes this dress a true statement piece.   It is a great piece to wear belted or unbelted and in Flint grey is a gorgeous color that is perfect for just about any occasion.

Next check out the Hollie Racerback Maxi Dress.  This dress by designer Ella Moss features a looser knit lace detail around the neckline, but nonetheless, it is a great accent to this maxi dress.  This basic style dress is kicked up a notch by the empire waist bustline and accented by the racerback and the lace detail around the neckline.  This dress really does look stunning almost regal.  It reminds me of something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing in a movie.  It is great for summer or spring, but also great for special occasions as well.  Available in a basic black color it is a great way to showcase lace details while also incorporating the current maxi dress fashion trend.  The body of the dress is a luxurious modal jersey fabric so it is ultra soft and comfortable too.

As you can see adding vintage lace detail to a dress is really a great way to take a simple elegant dress and transform it into something distinctive and sophisticated.  Lace in general as a fashion detail is a great way to really add frills to a dress and of course is once again at the forefront of the current fashion trends.  Lace details can be found in more than just dresses and can add vintage elements to any piece just as well as it does dresses.  Best of all it isn’t difficult or uncomfortable to add dresses with vintage lace details and be feminine and at the forefront of fashion trends.   Lace is certainly a fashion trend with staying power and really can be a classic way to include feminine details into casual or dressy fashions.

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One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder dresses are totally en vogue this season.  Of course you may also find one shoulder tops and tank tops as well and you will see them in a number of colors, patterns and styles.  All of the one shoulder pieces are all very distinctive and really do make great statement pieces that are perfect for that night out or special occasion.

Whatever you prefer, one shoulder pieces are a great way to add a hint of flirt to your basic style top or dress.  Each of them has its own style, but they are distinctive and certainly classy.  In fact, many one shoulder dresses are found primarily in special occasion dresses.  I’m sure you’ve seen the long maxi one shoulder dresses too. While it is great to find such dresses for special occasions, we prefer to find dresses that have more versatility and don’t necessarily have to be worn only to special occasion functions.  Such dresses may be great statement pieces, but can have more versatility than just being fit for special occasions.

One of our favorites one shoulder dresses, the Lenice One Shoulder dress is a great statement dress for summer.  This dress features several great fashion trends this season including color blocking, a bows and of course the one shoulder.  We love the taupe color, Birch, contrasted by the black stripe at the waist and the trim around the neckline.  Of course the detail around the neckline with the bow tie at the shoulder is adorable too.  This dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer is part of Velvet’s Slinky Rayon collection and features a luxurious feeling rayon fabric blend. This dress is short and fitted making it a sexy statement dress for that perfect occasion or party.  This dress is a great cocktail dress and we love that it has color other than just black on it making even more of a statement at that special occasion.

This dress also really typifies that vintage look in a new modern piece reminding us of something you might have seen in a prior decade like the 30s or 40s.  The Lenice dress is also a great piece to accessorize with high boots or even sandals.   This dress is also very feminine and we suggest that these dresses are best worn by women with smaller shoulders.  You don’t necessarily want to wear a one shoulder dress if you have athletic shoulders that are very wide.   With that body type, you just don’t want to draw more attention to your shoulders so a one shoulder dress isn’t the best option.

You can find a number of different options for one shoulder dresses in different colors and even patterns.  Each of these dresses is distinctive in its own right and if this fashion trend fits your individual style then having a good one shoulder dress and perhaps even a one shoulder tank or top will be great additions to your closet this summer.

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Lady Like Vintage Dress

Finding a vintage style dress or vintage inspired dress is a great way to find dresses with feminine details.  Such lady like vintage dresses may include feminine features like ruffles, polka dots, or off the shoulder necklines. Of course there are also so many other feminine details that you can find in modern vintage style dresses.  Consider a few great examples of lady like vintage dresses currently available at Vintage Fringe.

Ella Moss puts ruffles to good use with the Abigail Ruffle Front V Neck Dress which is an upscale dress featuring ruffles around the neckline.  Of course the details don’t stop there.  This dress also features buttons down the center of the ruffles and it also features a tie around the empire waist.  This dress is made of silk and does feature a tank dress lining in black as well.  It is a sophisticated, classy dress that is the perfect occasion dress and a great dress for summer and even holiday parties.  This dress is a true statement piece and a great classic feminine style investment piece for your closet that will be a go to dress for multiple seasons.  The silk fabric is a major draw as it gives the dress a bit of a shimmer and with the tie at the waist to give it a fitted look, the dress really is an elegant, gorgeous lady like vintage dress.

With a similar style with a ruffle v neck, the Ella Moss Dita Dress also features great feminine details.  This dress features a modal jersey fabric blend with a deep v neck adorned with ruffles.  Best of all this dress has a great polka dot pattern in Pond (Green) contrasted by a lighter shade of green dots and in Shadow (a smokey purple color) contrasted with white polka dots.  This dress really reminds of something you would see January Jones wearing in Mad Men.  Similarly to the Abigail dress, the Dita dress also features an empire waist and great colors and patterns depending on your style and preference.

Our last example of a lady like vintage dress is the Lenice One Shoulder Dress.  This dress is a great vintage inspired piece that has been brought to a new dimension with this modern dress.  Featuring a fitted style and contrasting color around the waist and neckline this dress really does have a lot of great details.  Of course, the one shoulder detail features a bow in the black trim around the neckline and shoulder.  The body of the dress is in Birch a taupe color that is sure to stand out.  The dress also features a bit of color blocking with a black stripe around the waist.  The dress hits about mid thigh depending on your body type, but is a gorgeous, elegant feminine style dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.

As you can see, there are a number of great options to find fabulous feminine details and lady like vintage style dresses available online.

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60’s Vintage Dress

60s Vintage style can really be a great inspiration for modern fashion styles.  Finding great vintage style fashions is really making a comeback as retro patterns and styles have found their ways into current designer fashions.

One of our favorite 60s vintage style dresses is the Dita V Neck Dress by designer Ella Moss. This polka dot pattern dress is the perfect modern interpretation of vintage style and truly reminds us of something that you would see January Jones wearing in the TV Series Mad Men.  This dress features an elegant v neck with a ruffle accenting the neckline and shoulders.  The polka dot pattern which is so representative of the 60s is another way that this distinctive statement dress embodies vintage fashion trends.  The dress also features an empire waist and a flared skirt from the empire waist line as added feminine touches.  The dress is also lined and is available in Pond, a green color, or Shadow a smokey purple color.

Another dress that embodies 60s vintage style is the Rhonia V Neck Tank Dress by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  This dress features a sweetheart neckline with skinny tank straps all in a gorgeous pattern in Flamingo pink.  This dress features a belt at the waist in metallic grey fabric for contrast and a flared skirt giving it added feminine detail.  This dress also looks like an elegant classic summer dress that you would have seen on any of the women in Mad Men or even Patty Duke.  This retro style is full of feminine class and the perfect summer sundress. Of course it is also a great piece to wear with your favorite cropped cardigan.

As you can see, you can find 60s vintage inspiration elements in many modern designer fashions and not just in dresses.  Consider the La Befana Polka Dot tie tank as another 60s era modern fashion inspiration.  This tank does feature a built in shelf bra for added fit and comfort.  It also features a multi color polka dot pattern on a white fabric with a feminine neckline with a bow at the shoulder.  With a loose sash like neckline this tank is really reminiscent of the 60s fashion era and yet still exemplifies a great modern interpretation of 60s retro styles.

Finding modern vintage style pieces to help perk up your closet or add feminine style to your wardrobe is a great way to blend old and new.  This blend of modern and vintage styles is a great way to add distinctive individual style while also staying current with modern fashion trends.  Best of all these pieces are all from great designers so they are high quality and fit true to size.   Regardless of what your personal style is, you are sure to find great vintage style elements pervasive in modern fashions that will be a perfect way to perk up your wardrobe and possibly even stretch out of your own fashion comfort zone with some great stylish pieces.

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Vintage Printed Dress

Finding vintage print dresses can be a difficult shopping challenge as you may have in mind the perfect style of dress and then when you combine that with the task of searching for that perfect pattern it can often seem like a lost cause.  A few of our favorite dresses feature great patterns and they are great examples of what is available for vintage printed dresses.

Consider first , Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Chapel dress features a Spanish tile pattern with a v neck line.  This dress features ¾ length sleeves and the Spanish Tile pattern gives it a great vintage look in bold colors of black or red contrasted on a white fabric.  This dress is fitted and the fabric is a rayon and lycra blend which gives it just the right amount of cling.  The pattern is really a standout and looks extremely classy on.  Of course most importantly, this dress also features a longer length with the mid-calf length which we greatly appreciate.   This dress is a bold statement dress that incorporates a vintage print that isn’t something you see everywhere which is typically the goal when searching for great vintage pieces.

Next consider, the Mod Retro Tunic by designer Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati.  Here this stylish black dress features contrasting floral images in blues, pinks and purples mixed with Spanish tile décor.  In a retro style this dress features a classic A line and is sleeveless.  Here the variety of colors give this pattern a great vibrant vintage feel and are just enough to add a bold pop of color and style to this dress.  Of course if this style of dress isn’t for you, consider the sister dress the Retro Boatneck Dress featuring a tie around the waist with the same floral pattern.

Another example of a great vintage pattern dress is the Tie Short Dress also by Sweet Pea.  In case you haven’t noticed one of Sweet Pea’s best characteristics are their use of great patterns.  As you can see, she uses lots of bold, bright patterns and offsets or complements them with accenting solid colors for trim or lining underneath.  The Tie Short Dress features a bold fuscia pink and brown floral pattern.  For contrast, she uses solid brown for the ties at the waist and in the bodice and around the neckline.  This dress includes a great vintage pattern along with a vintage style for the dress.

As you can see, there are a variety of different options when searching for vintage printed dresses.  Each of these options has a very distinctive style, but is high quality and a distinctive, modern designer piece.  You really can’t go wrong with these pieces and their bold, vibrant patterns that really do elevate these dresses from your basic black dresses or solid color dresses.  Whatever your style and preference, you can find a number of great vintage print dresses that will work for a number of occasions and are great statement dresses in your closet.

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