Are Leggings Still in Style?

If you are wondering if leggings are still in style the short answer is definitely yes.  You don’t have to look much further than the latest trends this past season including Leggings and the popularity of tunic length tops that pair so well with leggings.  Leggings are still in full swing and many people who previously sat on the sidelines with leggings wondering if they were a fad are finally embracing the benefits of incorporating leggings into their wardrobes.   If you’re still looking for great types of leggings or even just great ideas of how to incorporate leggings into your wardrobe today we wanted to give you a few great ideas of things you should consider when you are shopping for leggings.

First, you need to decide what your budget is.  If you are someone who still thinks that leggings are just a flash fad then you may be thinking that you’re not sure how much staying power they may have as a fashion trend.  Accordingly, you may only want to invest in leggings on the more economical side or low end to see if they are really that great or if you even like them.  We’re not going to say you can’t do this and it isn’t such a bad idea, but we would strongly encourage you to consider that you do generally get what you pay for so in our experience those leggings don’t last as long or fit as well.  We would encourage you to try at least 1 pair of good leggings that are in the $50 price range so that you can experience what good quality leggings are like to wear.  We are pretty sure that you will see that there is a difference and the advantages of the mid-range $50 pair of leggings are so worth it.

Next, you will want to decide on length.  You find a variety of lengths, but they primarily fall into the camp of long (roughly ) or short (mid-knee or higher).  Honestly, the main determinant here is your preference.  The long length works so well with things like boots or in colder weather when you don’t want that much skin exposed.  The shorter length works great with things like dresses or shorter tunic length tops.  The shorter length is more popular for warmer weather and looks adorable with sandals and ballet flats.   At Vintage Fringe we love to wear leggings made by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Their leggings are great quality and are on the reasonable end of price and can generally be found at retailers between $50-65.  We love their Swoozie leggings for the longer length or the Ritzy leggings for the shorter length.  Both are made of great quality jersey cotton and fit extremely well.  The waist band s properly sewn and they are thick enough fabrics that they don’t run or snag easily.  The Ritzy legging is a slightly thinner fabric made from Velvet’s Gauzy Whisper fabric, but is still thick enough to be good quality.

Finally, the final decision can sometimes be the hardest—what color?  Here you have to take into account your own preferences and existing wardrobe, but consider a few pointers as you decide on colors.  When you are starting to incorporate a piece into your wardrobe it is always a good idea to think about it in terms of basics.  Any good stylist will tell you that you always start basic and work your way into splurge colors or pieces over time.  So with that in mind you will want to start with basic black.  You really need at least one pair of basic black if not a couple because you can make black work with just about anything.  Next I would add in a good grey or brown color depending on whether you primarily wear cool or warm colors.  Once you have a few of these colors in your closet then you can add in accent colors like blues, reds or other perk colors.

As you can see these are our rules of the road when shopping for leggings.  You will find that getting the right pair of leggings can make all the difference when you try to add it into your wardrobe.  Hopefully these suggestions have helped to give you a few good ideas for how you can find the right pair of leggings for your budget, wardrobe and individual style.

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Hooded ¾ Length Cardigan

We love hoodies also known as hooded tops and we love that the hoodie element has found its way into a variety of tops and sweaters this season.  You may be looking for specific styles of hoodies such as hooded cardigans or hooded sweaters, hoodies with different sleeve lengths such as long or ¾ length or even short sleeves, but we suggest having a variety of different style hooded tops that give you a variety of options and distinctive ways to wear them and incorporate them into your wardrobe.  One of our most popular designers of hoodies at Vintage Fringe is Splendid.  We wanted to highlight a few great hoodie alternatives from Splendid in this article.

Take a look at the Textured Rib Long Sleeve Hoodie by Splendid.  This is one of the dressier hoodies we’ve seen as this hoodie is made of a cotton cashmere blend giving it a light weight sweater feel.  It is sheer enough that it works perfectly layered over a short sleeve top or tank and we even like to wear it over a long sleeve tee in the winter.  With a drawstring tie at the waist and a wide v neck this hoodie really is a perfect piece for that beach vacation where you want something a little warm and love the sheer, light weight look of this hoodie.

Alternatively, the French Terry Hooded Jacket by Splendid is made from their French terry with lycra fabric blend.  It feels luxuriously soft and is a great top for layering and active wear.  We love wearing it with Splendid’s French Terry with Lycra pants to the gym or yoga studio.  With a tie at the waist with belt loops to hold the tie in place you can wear this cardigan loose or fitted depending on your preference. Of course the hood gives it a more casual look, but it also takes a basic top and gives it a modern twist.

To really mix it up with different styles of hoodies consider the Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie also by Splendid, a wonderful example of a simple yet very distinctive style from Splendid.  The Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie features an empire waist with a drawstring and short sleeves.  It is not every day that you run across a short sleeved hoodie, but we love the look of this Baby Fleece Tie Waist Hoodie.  The Baby Fleece fabric is really a good quality sweatshirt fabric and we love the green color and the long tunic length of this hoodie.  We wear it over leggings or jeans and love to wear it year round over short or long sleeve tops.

As you can see, hoodies fill a variety of roles in your wardrobe and you can find a number of them available in a variety of styles and designs with different fabrics and possible uses.  They are great modern casual pieces for every wardrobe and the hoodies by Splendid mentioned here all incorporate great fabrics that make them comfortable and easy to wear.

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Long Sleeve Dresses

It’s the perfect time of year to be shopping for Long sleeve dresses.  We love finding stylish dresses and especially love finding distinctive styles to wear for special occasions or just for fun.  Pairing dresses with boots, leggings, scarves or even just great jewelry make finding good dresses even more worthwhile. A variety of designers notoriously have great dresses and a variety of long sleeve dresses.  Dresses by Velvet by Graham and Spencer have become some of our favorites.  They are typically made of their baby jersey or gauzy jersey cotton so they are comfortable, machine washable and wearable which can’t be said for a lot of dresses.  Here are a few of our favorite dresses by Velvet this season:

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Freda Gathered Waist Dress – This dress is a classic style, but we love the look of the gathered waist and the deep v neck giving it an elegant feminine look.  This dress style reminds us of a vintage Greta Garbo dress.  Since the Freda dress is made of a super soft jersey cotton this dress is versatile and works in warm and cool weather a great feature when you are trying to get the most out of every purchase these days.  One of my favorite things about this dress is that it is available in black, navy and white.  We love the look of the white dress in the spring and warmer weather as it is not a dress color you find every day.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – A truly fashionable classic long sleeve dress with a bit of an edge.  The Doreen dress features long sleeves with cutouts on each arm just at the base of the shoulders.  Lengthwise it hits our models at about mid-thigh so it pairs perfectly with boots, and leggings or tights.  It is currently available at Vintage Fringe in Gazelle, a great purple color so it goes wonderfully with blacks and greys.  We love the cutout look giving this dress an added twist and the fitted look.  We are so hooked on boots and leggings this year that this dress is a must have this season.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Zahara Knot Dress – A timeless dress the Zahara Knot dress features an A line skirt and a knot at the base of the v neckline.  With long sleeves as well, this dress is another versatile piece for cold and warm weather. We love the simple, but elegant look of this dress and again the colors.  It is available at Vintage Fringe in Rain (a light blue), Black, Chisel (Grey), and Lilypad (Green).   The neckline on this dress is very flirty and distinctive and takes a classic style up a notch.

As you can see, long sleeve dresses can come in many styles and designs and naturally you have to find the right style for you, but we think you’ll find that these long sleeve dresses by Velvet are great additions to your wardrobe and many of them can be classic pieces that will not be out of style next season.

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Laurie B. Sweaters

Laurie B. sweaters are some of our favorite sweaters and this is the perfect time of year to find amazing deals on great sweaters.  Laurie B. is perhaps one of the most distinctive of all of the designers available at Vintage Fringe.  The American knitwear line: Laurie B. is the creation of Laurie Brazeau.  Laurie was born in Mexico, raised in the United States and traveled the world searching for work and inspiration.  After working for years in Paris as a private label designer she returned home and launched her own knit line Laurie B. working from her own home in Oakland, California.  While Laurie has no formal design school training she has managed to build her brand and her style into a recognizable icon for knitwear internationally.  She credits her international travels, vintage shopping skills, and her color outside the lines mentality as her inspiration behind her one of a kind designer style.  Here are a few examples of great outside the lines sweaters that will help you create your own distinctive style:

Laurie B. Milan Sweater – This great short wrap cardigan features a tie that can go in front or in back depending on how you like to wear it.  It also features a lightly gathered seam at the empire waist line giving it added elements of detail.  In addition, the wide ¾ length sleeve something you don’t see on every wrap these days.  You’ll love the rich Truffle brown color and the ivory Parmesan color too.  This sweater is certainly versatile and works as a great substitute for a blazer at work or to throw over your tank top on a cool night out.

Laurie B. Moonlight Cap Wrap Sweater – You’ll love this distinctive sweater and its fashion forward look.  Complete with a flowing look of the wide v neck with the tie around the waist giving it a contemporary, fitted look.  This sweater is available in a variety of colors and is perfect to go over a long sleeve top in just about any color.  You’ll love the slight shimmer on the knit and the distinctive, modern look.   It is a perfect wrap to layer and looks stunning with boots or leggings.

Laurie B. Gable Stripe Cardigan – Featuring a dramatic contrasting zipper that is front and center in this distinctive cardigan, the Gable Stripe grey and black pattern looks so classy and elegant.  Laurie B. still manages to weave in fashion forward elements with the dolman flared sleeve on this sweater, a scoop neckline and the contrasting black trim around the neckline and cuffs and hem.   You also would not believe how luxuriously soft the knit on this sweater feels.  It is made from a viscose, nylon blend and it feels super soft and very comfortable.  One of our favorite looks is wearing this over a long sleeve black top with a black skirt and boots in the winter.

Laurie B.’s sweaters are always excellent quality and as you can see from the few pieces mentioned in this post that so many of her designs are not your run of the mill boxy sweater that you find at so many stores.  Each Laurie B. sweater features great unique design elements and will always be a statement piece in your wardrobe.

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Vintage Inspired Clothing

Vintage has become such a popular word in fashion trends that you see it used in a variety of different capacities as you shop.  You often see it referring to true vintage clothing referring to gently used clothing or an old piece that has been hanging in your closet since the 70s.  Many designers and stores or boutiques tend to use vintage style clothing or vintage inspired clothing referring to new clothing with vintage elements in the design.  As an example, you may see a new modern twist on a patterned retro a line mini dress that you might have seen worn in the 70s.  Similarly, you may see new bohemian style pieces frequently referred to as vintage inspired. Taking those vintage elements and incorporating them into new, modern style clothes is what the vintage inspired terminology references.

We love the look of vintage inspired clothes and the frequently frilly, feminine elements that have made a comeback into so many modern styles and pieces.  Here are a few examples of great vintage inspired pieces that are all brand new.

La Befana Polka Dot Tie Tank – What is more vintage than a great multi color polka dot pattern with light pink, blue and green polka dots? With a great scoop neckline featuring an off center bow tying the neckline together, this top has such a feminine look and distinctive style.  This classic tank is also available in solid blue if you don’t love polka dots.

Sweet Pea Mod Retro Tunic – This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 60s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.

Ella Moss Dita V Neck Ruffle Dress – We often hear that this top looks like it should be in an episode of Mad Men and it really does fit with that vintage style.  We could easily see Betty Draper wearing this dress to a dinner party.  Don’t you just love the feminine touches like the ruffles around the v neck and the fitted waist on this dress?  Again you see the polka dot pattern.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Doreen Cutout Dress – the Cutout was such a popular clothing trend back in the 70s and you’re seeing a resurgence in current modern fashion trends.  The Doreen dress by Velvet features a cutout in the sleeves around the shoulders and with a fitted dress style this dress again invokes that 70s era mini dress with boots.

We think you’ll find that lots of vintage inspired elements have surfaced in so much of modern day fashion that it really has become a lasting trend.  The best of all of it is that you have the opportunity to take these vintage inspired pieces and truly make them fit with your own modern individual style and wear them with leggings or boots or other modern trends that really do help blend the past and the present.

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Shop Online for Designer Clothes

Shop online For Designer Clothing You’ve probably heard on the news lately the statistics about how more and more people are shopping online for clothing.  Of course, shopping online for designer clothing is no exception to this statistic.   If you’re new to the online shopping arena, let me explain a few reasons why it is advantageous to shop online for designer clothes.

First, shopping online is more convenient.  You don’t have to fight for parking, you don’t have to wait in lines, you don’t have to check multiple stores to find out the lowest price and which store has what sizes or colors, you don’t have to chase your kids around the store or even find time to drive to the store during their hours.  The online channel is truly revolutionizing shopping for designer clothes.  When you shop online, you can do so in your pajamas in the convenience of your own home (or even at work) once your kids have gone to bed or if even late at night when you can’t sleep.  Many online sites even offer free returns which can save you another trip to the store to return your item.

Second, shopping online is often cheaper.  For designer clothes specifically, you can find a variety of comparison shopping sites that will allow you to compare prices and sizes and colors for multiple stores at once.  Such sites allow you to quickly scour the internet for deals on designer clothing and can frequently find sites offering free shipping.  One of our favorites is, which allows you to name your designer, a type of clothing, or a color or size that you are looking for and will return a variety of great results based on your search terms.   You can also be on the lookout for sites with coupon codes for many online retailers that allow you to find additional discounts.

Third, shopping online often allows you the ability to find niche designer clothing items.  Perhaps it is that Chloe purse that is sold out at the mall, but still available at an online boutique store, or that pair of jeans that you know your size in and don’t want to try and chase down at the mall.  You can also more easily find niche designers online as well.  For example, at Vintage Fringe, we carry pieces from designers such as Laurie B. or Joy Joy that you would struggle to find in stores.   The expansiveness of searching on a global level when searching online allows you to find much greater selection than shopping in your local department stores if you know what you are looking for.

In short, if you’re someone who knows which designers you love and wants to find more designer clothes than what your local department store may carry, be sure to shop online.  I’m sure you will discover that shopping online for designer clothes is much more convenient, often more affordable, and easier to locate pieces once you know what you have in mind.  At Vintage Fringe, we offer year round free shipping for all non-outlet items, free returns for all non-outlet items, and shop by color, price and designer options.  We purposely try to carry designer clothes that are high quality and are not found at every other department store or boutique.  Our goal is to always have your friends asking “Where did you get that?”

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Velvet by Graham and Spencer

Velvet by Graham and SpencerVelvet by Graham and Spencer has become one of our signature lines at Vintage Fringe.  Designers Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer started this contemporary casual collection with a desire to mix quality, comfort and yet still maintain a distinctive fashion style.  This philosophy is found in all of Velvet’s pieces.   While Velvet by Graham and Spencer is a contemporary T-shirt collection, a majority of their pieces are far more than simple T-Shirts.    Made with a range of soft and wearable fabrics including baby jersey knits, slinky rayon, and even cashmere, the combination of different fabrics and distinctive styles and designs gives Velvet’s line a broad distinction from other lines.

Velvet has a variety of constant fabrics that you can always rely on to provide comfortable and fashionable looks.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection features a super soft jersey knit fabric and of course is machine washable.  Velvet features their basics within this fabric and then also offers their Novelty pieces which include feminine touches and more contemporary looks.   Another Velvet constant is their Gauzy whisper collection.  Made of thinner knit fabric that is sheerer than the thicker baby jersey fabrics, the Gauzy whisper pieces often feature raw hem edges and often include rucheing or gathered fabric incorporated into various aspects of the tops.  One of our absolute favorites is the Slinky Rayon collection by Velvet.  Made of a luxurious feeling Rayon, the Slinky Rayon collection often features more contemporary styles that exude contemporary femininity. Slinky rayon pieces feature fewer colors, but deep, rich colors such as black, navy, some type of an awesome silver color, and often a wine purple color.   Slinky rayon is dry clean only, but oh so worth it!

Some of our best sellers at Vintage Fringe are Velvet pieces including the Kelisha tank, a long tank top, which is part of Velvet’s Baby Jersey collection.  Featuring a length that is difficult to find in most tanks, this tank hits our 5’7” model about mid-thigh.  This is the perfect piece to layer under the ever popular tunic tops right now and works great with leggings.    Another great piece by Velvet is one of our newer arrivals at Vintage Fringe the Marni Slub Dress.  This dress features a cowlneck at the top, wide short sleeves, a drawstring waist and pockets on the front at waist level. Made of their winter slub fabric it includes a heavier slub fabric that still feels ultra luxurious and oh so stylish.  It is still 100% cotton, but has some texture to it and is machine washable.

In short, we are confident that you will fall in love with Velvet by Graham and Spencer just as we have.  We love the contemporary look and while some of the pieces are basics, we think you’ll agree that high quality pieces may be more expensive, but often outlast their cheaper counterparts.  Not to mention that when Velvet does go modern and incorporate distinctive trends such as ruffles or tunic length tops, their tops are absolutely stunning.  For all of these reasons, Velvet by Graham and Spencer should be one of your wardrobe staples.

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