70’s Vintage Fashion

For many, the 70s were a fashion trend that people either love or hate.  One of the best things about modern trends is that the finding elements of decades past or vintage style elements in modern fashion is really much easier than you might think and in many cases bring retro styles back in improved ways that work in current styles.  When I think of 70s vintage fashion I think of short skirts, bold colors including lots of color blocking all with a certain edge of modernity or bohemian style. Consider a few of these great pieces as examples of how modern designers and styles incorporate vintage trends into wearable modern dresses, tops and sweaters.

As an example of modern designer pieces that are part of our current style, but still incorporate vintage style elements. Designer Sweet Pea  by Stacy Frati features the Mod Retro Tunic  which I think is a great example of new 70s vintage fashion.  This top screams vintage style.  Made by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, a designer that loves to work with patterns, this print is totally retro with bold colors and patterns.  In addition, the style of this tunic looks like it just walked out of the 70s and yet today would look so hot with tall boots to really bring a vintage style to the modern day.  The Retro Boatneck Dress in the same pattern is a more conservative style than the Retro Tunic, but is another great vintage style piece.

The Ella Moss Baja Tie Waist Sweater is another great example of 70s vintage style fashion.  This bohemian inspired piece pays homage to modern, yet retro styles and includes a white knit with a multi color stripe around the hem.  The loose tie waist can be styled however your individual style prefers.  True to retro style this top also features a Henley neckline or split v neckline.   The Baja Tie Waist Sweater is a great piece with a subtle look compared to the bold colors of the Mod Retro Tunic.

Another retro piece by designer Ella Moss is the Ella Moss Miley Striped Cardigan featuring bold, but colors.  This adorable cropped length cardigan features knit around the shoulders in three stripes with different colors contrasted by either a sold blue or candy apple red contrasting solid knit.  The bold colors and stripes invoke all sorts of retro styles and pieces and make this a great statement piece cardigan.

Each of these pieces is an excellent example of utilizing vintage styles in modern fashions and in distinctive ways and pieces.  As you can see vintage elements can be found in a variety of pieces from dresses or tunics to sweaters and in a variety of different styles and different designers.  I love the fact that each of these pieces has that retro flair, but yet still blends in perfectly in modern styles.   Even if these pieces aren’t for you, hopefully they will give you inspiration to find additional vintage style pieces that do suit your own individual style.

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