Sweet Pea Women’s Blouses

Sweet Pea Women’s BlousesSweet Pea Women’s Blouses are some of our favorite things!  The Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati line provides a great contrast to many of the other plain vanilla, traditional, boring lines with basic colors and fabrics.  Sweet Pea’s signature patterned designs on their signature nylon mesh fabric provides the ultimate distinctive comfort top.  We love the nylon mesh fabric which does not cling and is also super flattering and forgiving on all figures.  We also love the patterns!  Stacy Frati always makes sure that she has vibrant, colorful patterns with a feminine flair on just about every piece.   Sweet Pea’s patterns range from floral, feminine paisley, polka dots or even Asian inspired designs.  We love the bold colors and the contrast that is evident in every patterned Sweet Pea top.  You’re sure to love the versatility of each piece as well.  Sweet Pea blouses can easily transition from the board room to the soccer field for the different aspects of the modern woman’s life.

One of the other great things about the Sweet Pea line is that the styles are also extremely flattering.  Many of the classic Sweet Pea styles include fluid sleeves, often with feminine details such as a slit down the shoulder or a ruffle sleeve.  Another frequent detail is contrasting colors for the lining of the top.  Stacy Frati frequently plays with these contrasting colors and often has a contrasting hem on many tops. Sweet Pea styles also frequently include women’s blouses which feature great feminine styles including empire waists which often flair at the waist or ruching.  Alternatively, many styles also include more fitted styles featuring scoop necks or contrasting colors or patterns on the hem or sleeves.   Sweet Pea also frequently has great maxi dresses and sexy tank tops.   Designer Stacy Frati always makes sure to include lots of ruffles and feminine touches.   Sweet Pea’s fabric is distinctive too and is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.  It is relatively wrinkle free compared to traditional cottons and is still washable, although a tad more delicate than your basic cottons.

In today’s current market, Sweet Pea also stands out as a great line with extreme versatility.  It works well for the casual weekend and also is classy enough to wear at the office or dressy enough for a night out.  This versatility makes Sweet Pea’s women’s blouses a great buy when your clothing budget is tapped out which we all can appreciate in the current economy.

Of course this plenty of celebrity buzz about the Sweet Pea line too.  The Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati line has been featured on a variety of celebrities including the likes of Kate Hudson, Keri Russell, and Bonnie Hunt to name a few.    In short, we love Sweet Pea women’s blouses because they are truly great versatile pieces that work well for the everyday girl and the celebrity in all of us.  You really can have a flattering feminine style with exciting patterns and contrasting details that will make each of these tops statement pieces in your wardrobe for all facets of your life while still being easy to wear.

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